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So a stopped cycle in the road causes it...yikes what lousy luck :(. His ride looks Even Better after seeing that. Great recovery and catch back. Hopefully he doesn't pay a price in injury and soreness.
Go Primoz, take it Down!
No, a stopped cycle in the road didn't cause it. The video isn't particularly clear, but it's clear enough to see that the moto stopped only after Roglic went down.
Great performance by Roglič and his team on stage 9. Roglič was confident to set his own pace, didn't play any tactical games with Movistar team, that would likely have resulted in worse position at the end of the stage. In the final climb the help from his team was well balanced. López attacked a bit too early. Quintana went after the stage win and in addition wanted to show, he is still a GC contender. Pogačar deserved the win.
The ITT is perfectly suited to him. I can't see anybody coming close if everything goes according to plan. I wouldn't be surprised if there are just a couple of riders within a minute.

But the most important thing is to put as much time as possible into MAL, Quintana and Valverde.
Something like this would be nice:
Valverde +1:00
Quintana and Lopez +2:00

Although I think the gaps could be even bigger.
NBCSN just showed video--much easier to see all cleaned up and on a 40 in screen. The Shimano Blue neutral service moto is the one involved (as I said in the stage thread). The actual crash isn't shown because it happens around the curve but the moto is stopped a good 4 feet from the side of the Rocks in the road and a rider gets off to help Roglic up. It is described as a contremps with that moto.
Roglic looking strong on the TT today -- stronger than in the final time-trial at the Giro. But of course we're just halfway into the Vuelta. No signs of weakness or fading yet from Primoz.
He did what was expected from him but you always need to deliver. And he delivered big time.

It wasn't a performance out of this World. He even lost between the 1st and 2nd checkpoint to Bevin around 15s. I think he wasn't risking there on the technical turns on the descent. On the final flat part he was gaining time again.

The gaps are big now but the same was during the Giro after the second ITT. The big difference this time is the JV team which is way stronger than it was at the Giro.

Primož needs to be healthy and stay on the bike and I think he should bring it home this time.
Primož keeps the streak alive. Stage win in every GT he has entered in his career and stage win in all three GTs. Great job young man!
6 stage wins in 5 GT's. Not bad at all.
But let's hope he can join a GC win to the others this time. If he keeps at least half of his advantage until the end of this week he won't lose until something weird happens in the third week
Amazing performance by Roglič on stage 10.

Lets hope he and his team will stay healthy, take care of proper nutrition and win this one. For sure it will be hard, but Roglič now has enough valuable experience, to deal with it. ITT in the middle, and not at the beginning, of the race, that in general works better for Roglič.
Very Impressive Ride, exactly what I was hoping for :). TT or mountains so far he is the strongest. Dropping all the rest must give them pause and dent the morale. Hooking up with Pogacar his fellow countryman is awesome. Pogacar is Something! But this is now Primoz's race barring illness or accident.
It's got to be demoralizing for the competition (except for Pogacar). They must be thinking, "If we couldn't put some time into him today, where else is it possible?" . . . though Sunday may be another chance.
Great alliance between Roglič and Pogačar on stage 13. Roglič strengthening overall classification position and Pogačar now wearing white jersey. I did expect Roglič will be able to cope with the attacks, as for such dominant performance, i wasn't expecting that.

For sure there is still a long way to go, but today's stage was a beauty.