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The Real Football Thread

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Looks like the Netherlands will have the easiest path to the final despite finishing third in their group.


I'm quite happy with this; there's a high chance that one of the Netherlands, Austria and Italy will reach the final.
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Looking at our draw I'm actually pleased, Italy and The Dutch are equally as crap as us, Switzerland looked alright against Germany, it's a toss up. Austria are the team I'd be worried about playing.

I was sceptical about this weird 24 teams qualifying thing but it's actually been a great tournament, teams like Georgia, Turkey, Romania have stepped up and had a proper crack.
Italy was literally seconds away from elimination. Croatia choked away 2 games. I guess all the close games they’ve won over the years (with the penalties) finally caught up to them.

I think Italy will beat Switzerland. They’re a team that tends to up their level in the knockout phases of big tournaments.

I think Romania could beat the Netherlands.

Turkey can certainly beat Austria.

I haven’t been impressed with either France or Belgium. The French are favorites, but Belgium has the talent and they took things for granted in the group.

For me, Spain look as the favorites, but I’d like to see underdogs go far.