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He made it looked like an easy win and the finale was perfect for him.

Hard to tell if it is just because he is good to go while others may need more time to race themselves into form.

Nevertheless a great start and if nothing out of the ordinary happens, then this race should be a wrap.
We saw today what we saw watching Wout, when Wout returned from his season break after 2021, and did his first cyclocross races of 2021/2022: both, Remco and Wout, obviously did this jump, this increase of performance, between seasons 2021 and 2022. I hoped Remco would do this jump, and today he confirmed he did this jump.

I would say: let‘s switch on the Remco hype again… He will show us dozens of nice races, before he reaches the finish line of this year‘s Vuelta…

Today, Remco‘s attack looked like Pogi‘s attacks look like :)
Some dude supposedly saw Evenepoel's Strava power data before he deleted it, saying 423W for the climb. Assuming he is a bit heavier (62-63) than his normal weight (61), that would still put him at 6.8 to 6.7 W/kg. If those guys of Cycling Graphs are using his "mid season" weight (61) then that would indeed mean over 6.9W/kg.


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A translated snippet from an interview in Het Nieuwsblad today:
I didn't know you were so explosive. On the contrary: wasn't that your weakness?
“In the past I struggled a few times on such steep arrivals, yes. We worked very hard on it over the winter. I think I showed that today that I improved those lesser points. It was a ten minute climb. That used to be not my best part, but today I was able to release some of the best climbers in the world here. We will try to continue this trend.”

Is it true that you have more muscle mass than last year?
“Physically I have changed a bit, yes. After that fall in the Tour of Lombardy (in August 2020, ed.), my body was never really able to rest. Now I really did nothing for a month. I have grown some muscle mass in a natural way. I've done very little fitness, but I've worked a little more on the sprints and a little more on minute values. If you want to start off in a race, you just have to be able to ride at full speed for a minute or two. That laid the foundation for my victory.”
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