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Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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Should we change the thread title?

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Remco has the power and build, but I think the technical aspect is unknown, because he has not ridden them. He came into cycling from football, not the best development, above all for a Flandrian. He's a fish out of water in his own sea.
You're right, but lack of technical skills have a bearing on a rider being considered a potential winner or not. Las time I saw Remco riding a technical parcours he had to assisted by Almeida.
Not sure this is the monk-like prep I'd hoped to see... :D

Pogacar is a reference, an historic rider, and I like a lot. It is difficult not.

But among his exhiibitions, just one has impressed at the level than Evenepoel winning San Sebastian after work with that superiority, I talk about to win Flandes to a super Van der Poel. What Pogacar made this Giro didnt impressed me much, It has been what we expected. He didnt want to put 20 minutes and 10 stages, but he wanted several stages and didnt think just about Tour.

This is Pogacar roof...maybe the new Merckx, we need to see how long he can keep it, and iof he can get the five monuments.
But we dont know the roof of Remc. This year is his first Tour. I like more the personality of Pogacar, but for some races Pogacar is super, I think Remco is even more talented, genetically talked (Lieje, Amstel, San -Sebastian, maybe Lombardia)

This year he has the help of Landa, who is even a better climber for a very hard stage (I think he could have been close to Pogacar at Grappa stage if he is like in Cataluña) it is not the same the end of a grand Tour, and it is not the same Grappa than Port Aine.

It is a Tour to learn for Remco, but it depends how far he is of the best, he will have real option to fight with them on the future on le Tour or not. He has a lot of pulish, he is not like Pogacar who was cyclist very young.
It would be interesting to see at Dauphine how he is with Roglic
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Der Strudel 2.0!

Seriously, what is he doing? Even as a Remco fan, this is one really bad look
It's fine, Soudal will have nutritionists following him and this'll have been factored in. Even sportspeople with armies of sports scientists following them (elite footballers) will have calorific desserts every now and then. As long as it's not every day it won't make a difference for the Tour.
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