The Sam Bennett Discussion Thread

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Feb 25, 2018
Are the points awarded differently at the Vuelta? You'd never end up with a GC climber type like Froome or Valverde winning the points Jersey at the Tour or Giro.
Yes, there are equal amount of points in every stage regardless of the type of stage. With less amount of pure sprint stages it is hard for a sprinter to win the jersey.
Not sure I agree with that. I seem to remember all the out and out sprinters got dropped coming into Cordoba. Same when he came second on stage 11 of the Tour that year. He also got 2nd in PR and 15th in Ronde too. Seems unfair to call him 100% a sprinter.
He still won in Cordova from a reduced bunch sprint, like all his wins up until then. Even his 2nd in Roubaix was sprinting in the biggest group to contest a podium spot on the Velodrome that I’ve ever seen. And he spent the 2013 Tour as Kittel’s leadout man. Yes, he could get over some obstacles better than most other “pure” sprinters, but sprinting was what he was known for.

If he has added other elements to his palm area since, it’s at least in part because as his classics focus increases, he’s won fewer and fewer bunch sprints.
I've sometimes been thinking which year would produce the best team. Put eight riders in from different categories.

GC leader
Two mountain domestiques
TT Specialist
Cobblestone specialist
Breakaway specialist

Of course some riders could fill multiple ones, like in 1990 team Sagan could be possible selection for sprinter and cobblestone specialist. But that's different discussion which may be continued on other topic.
OK, I know this is the Bennett thread, but let's just try this anyway:

Consider that this 1990 team...

GC: Quintana
Mountain helpers: Aru, Chaves
Sprinter: Colbrelli
Lead-out (and more): Matthews
TT: Tratnik
Cobbles: Rowe
Breakaway: Felline

...would just be a reserve team for this 1990 team:

GC: Dumoulin
Mountain helpers: Pinot, Bardet
Sprinter: Bennett
Lead-out (and more): Kwiatkowski
TT: Dennis
Cobbles: Naesen
Breakaway (and much, much more): Sagan

Then we still have George Bennett, Bouhanni, Bilbao, Jesús Herrada, Cattaneo and (dare I even say it anymore?) Phinney who could make a third team.
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Interesting info on eurosport there... Apparently Sam wants to leave but BORA are trying to force him to stay.
Being discussed on the transfers thread. Not 100% clear how they can force an out-of-contract rider to stay.

My new theory: maybe Sam’s win bonuses from 2019 are supposed to come due in 2020. Bora might be claiming that they don’t have to pay said bonuses if he isn’t on their books next year.
Sam Bennett is such a professional and never says anything against the team . Even said "I dont know what to say to that" when questioned about not going to the Giro or the Tour and leaving Bora by Wiggins yesterday

Today was the first time I heard him hint at anything when he said
' I had great support yesterday ' then he said 'I havent had it all year' !!!
It’s funny, I’ve been impressed by his “all winning no whining” approach to dealing with the team’s choice of sprinters for GTs. But maybe he’d have been better off throwing a tantrum and causing disruption to morale, just to make sure the team wanted rid. As it is he may have given the impression that he’ll keep his head down and win no matter how disgruntled he is
Yeah, that’s why this is confusing. Presumably Bora think they have some kind of option to extend, or there’s a now disputed verbal agreement, or some other form of ongoing entanglement. But as both sides have been very disciplined about not talking to the press nobody is even sure if there’s really a dispute.
Here’s our answer;

So there was idd some sort of previous agreement. The validity of it will be examined by the UCI after hearing all parties.
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Here’s our answer;

So there was idd some sort of previous agreement. The validity of it will be examined by the UCI after hearing all parties.
It had to be something like that, otherwise the team would have no real ability to make trouble. The interesting thing to see is what Bora actually want as an outcome if they “win” the arbitration. Do they want Bennett so much that they will actually force a seriously unhappy rider to stay or do they simply use a victory to extract compensation from him/his new team (in the process possibly making him more likely to end up somewhere other than the notoriously prudent with money DQS).

If Bennett was slightly less good, I would be pretty certain that they would take the money rather than invite internal morale problems. His win rate presents a temptation, but that still seems most likely.
It's a strange attitude from Bora - They can't offer Bennett the calendar he wants, so it's baffling they would go down the legal route arguing about a Letter of Intent.
It's baffling that he would sign a letter of intent in May, after he had been left out of the Giro and Tour teams. I can't understand why he would sign anything with them. He knew since pre-season that he wouldn't be the team's priority and that the Vuelta would be his only GT.

Unless it was one of those "Hey Sam, can I have your autograph? HAHA! Fooled you! It's a legally binding document stating that you'll ride for Bora until the day you die!!!!" type tricks.
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Just saw his interview with ITV there. Said he wasn't 100% sure if the break had been caught and didn't want to celebrate too much and look like a muppet.

Also very vocal by his standards about being upset by everything that's been happening behind the scenes. Said he was keen for a change but it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.