The twilight zone called Portugal.

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Today Jose Neves showed that Porto probably made a mistake in not bringing him to the Volta, even if they still ended up winning the race.

In a short uphill ITT in the GP Jornal de Noticias he smashed the Senhora da Assunção climb (6.53km at 5.9%) in 14:24. According to his Strava he did 412W, so 6.75 w/kg for almost 15min. The numbers match up with what Joao Benta did on a Volta road stage in 2017, also 6.75 w/kg and only 2sec slower.
Thhe funy thing is that Mauricio Moreira was even 1sec faster than him on the climb. The wattages he posts on Strava make little sense, but he did 483W for almost 15min, that's geting close to full WTF Indurain numbers.
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Some more crazy watts in the GP Jornal de Noticias:
On the penultimate stage all hell broke loose on the first climb of the day.
Jose Neves climbed the Subida do Carreiro, 2.05km at 6.7%, in 4:09. That's a VAM of 1975 and 61kg Neves did 452W, that's 7.4 W/KG for over 4min with 125km to go on the stage, pretty much right at the start! . Figueiredo, who is 5kg lighter, did the climb only 1sec slower. 76 KG Mauricio Moreira was even a bit faster, he climbed that short climb in 4:07, a VAM of 1991 on a 6.7% climb, right at the start of the stage.

Figueiredo also did an impressive attack on the 2nd half of the Penha climb halfway through the stage. He climbed the 2.92km at 8.1% in 7:49 alongside Ricardo Vilela, who did 402W for 7:50 at 59kg, that's above 6.8 W/KG with over 60kms to go.

Those are some WTF numbers, even more if you consider that they came at the start and then later on in the middle of the same stage.
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