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The UCI needs to be expelled from the Olympics.

As a governing body, it's a disgrace.

It has constantly obstructed anti doping efforts, obfuscated facts. It has covered up doping positives, and protects the guilty.

Its officers are from a corrupt and crooked generation.

The whole edifice needs to be abolished.

A break from the Olypmics would be fine by me. 2012? I don't give a shiit. I just want a clean(er) sport.

And Patsy McQuaid and his cronies will never give us that. He's the chief enforcer of omerta now!
Jan 18, 2010
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The track programme has been ruined also so I've already given up on the 2012 Olympics.

And Yes i think disbanding the UCI would be a good move, and let people that have an idea move the sport on.
Sep 21, 2009
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When the former IOC president asked NBA to send their best players to the 1992 Olympics he only got one condition: no antidoping tests on them.

Even if things have changed in that respect, I'm sorry, but I don't see why IOC is better than UCI in this matter. They're both money making machines.
Apr 19, 2010
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Call me synical, but I am of the opinion that the UCI is the reason cycling has never quite managed to purge the ****e from within itself. Floyd is a good example. The festina scandal should have meant that that man never had to come across doping. But someone probably just wanted to stick their fingers in their ears, hum, and wait for it all to go away and let the Lance Phenomenon bring money back to the sport.

You can muse on Flandis's morals in doping, but in the end, some riders like will give up on everything they have worked for since they were 12 years old, sacrificing an academic future along the way. Some will just do it.

How can someone like Patsy just sit by and let that happen? Its sick. Who decides to appoint people to the UCI anyway? Who can investigate them?
A nice big Royal Commision would be welcome. But short of that, cant we (I pay for my race liscence and am therefore affiliated with the UCI and presume most posters here do the same), cant we make some sort of democratic difference rather than just getting frustrated?

Short of that, does anyone know if marathon running is less doped up than cycling? I love riding my bike and all, but im getting fed up with being messed around at even club races because money is involved and people are corruptible.
Aug 13, 2009
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The IOC has come close to kicking the UCI out of the Olympics several times recently. Each time they have pledged to change their ways and begged their way back in.

The IOC would be a joke if they did not investigate these allegations.