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The ultimate fanboy - Indurain says Armstrong is Innocent!

May 14, 2010
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It seems he is experiencing a bit of Catholic guilt: I got away with it, while Armstrong is destroyed. Tell it to the priest, Indurain! Live with it!
mountainrman said:
Not quite.

Eddy is critical of the whistleblowers saying they spoke up too late. He does not vindicate lance see here..



TheEnoculator said:
The fight against doping is greater than any one rider, no matter how much of a legend he might be. So yes, I'd go after Merckx.

Great. I agree completely.
Gnossos7 said:
It's becoming easier and easier to spot the dopers. Just wait for them to open their mouths...

Try use your brain for a change. If every former and current rider out there (not that they have) condemns Armstrong. The least you want to do is to try to defend him in this moment. Not without raising massive suspicions towards yourself. So either:

1) Miguel is very confident for his own sake.


2) Something else.
TheEnoculator said:
That was before the USADA dossier was released, dude. Armstrong had lots of people fooled for 14 years. And the USADA report changed a lot of people's minds and opened a lot of eyes.

Your article is thus outdated.

The latest article i read says Merckx is angry on the whistleblowers and amazed by Armstrong.

I met Lance many times, he never spoke to me about doping, doctors or other things. He didn't have to report to me either, it was his problem but I fell into the trap. I'm amazed at him, above all after what he went through."
Oct 7, 2012
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I wonder why so many riders like Indurain feel so strongly that witness testimony is not valid and only failed tests would have done.

Anyone would think that it makes them nervous.
Aug 21, 2012
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