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Sep 20, 2011
First year as a pro and had his first pro win by winning Paris-Bourges yesterday, following a late attack. This kid is so crazy allround, and even if his results are very good for a first year pro - they still quite don’t tell how impressive his riding has been all season. Practically has been amongst the 10% of best riders in every race he entered.

So where will his focus be? Ardennes classics and other hilly one day races? Could he be good at one week stage races? What are FDJ’s plans with him?

Cance > TheRest said:
He does seem to have a lot of top 30 positions this year. If anything, it's the consistency rather than the top results, that makes it impressive. Not many young riders are consistent.

New Monfort? Or is he better?
...or new Chavanel? Too early to tell, but what a win that was!
Second place at Classic de L'Ardèche - good start to the season -

edit - see he started off at Etoile de Bessèges in Feb with an 8th place on GC and won the White Jersey.
After stage 4 Paris - Nice - 6th place after the 4 men in the winning breakaway -
Malgré le rythme imposé dans le peloton, les quatre derniers rescapés ont maintenu un écart proche de la minute à dix kilomètres de l’arrivée. Ils avaient course gagnée et Cort Nielsen (Astana) en a profité pour lever les bras. Dans la dernière côte, Valentin Madouas est sorti en contre. Seul Calmejane (Direct Energie) a pu le reprendre même si le peloton a fini à ses trousses sur la ligne d’arrivée.

« C’était la journée la plus difficile depuis le début de Paris-Nice, dit Valentin. Ça ne s‘est pas mal passé pour moi. J’avais de très bonnes sensations. Dans le final, j’ai joué le tout pour le tout, il y avait encore de bons sprinteurs dans le peloton. Je voulais essayer de grappiller quelques secondes pour le maillot blanc mais je n’ai pas pris assez de temps. Attaquer avant n’était pas facile, ça roulait fort mais en me replaçant, j’ai vu que le coureurs d’ag2r-La Mondiale coinçaient un peu. J’ai essayé et j’ai vu que ça ne réagissait pas, hormis Calmejane, mais le vent de face nous a arrêtés. J’ai bien résisté et j’ai donc obtenu une place d’honneur, je n’ai pas fait ça pour rien ! »

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Despite the pace imposed in the peloton, the last four survivors maintained a gap close to the minute to ten kilometers from the finish. They had won the race and Cort Nielsen (Astana) took the opportunity to raise their arms. In the last rib, Valentin Madouas came out against. Only Calmejane (Direct Energie) was able to take it back even if the peloton ended up on the finishing line.

"It was the most difficult day since the beginning of Paris-Nice," says Valentin. It did not go wrong for me. I had very good feelings. In the final, I played all for the whole, there were still good sprinters in the pack. I wanted to try to scrounge a few seconds for the white jersey but I did not take enough time. Attacking before was not easy, it was going strong but by replacing me, I saw that the riders of ag2r-La Mondiale stuck a little. I tried and I saw that it did not react, except Calmejane, but the headwind stopped us. I resisted well and so I got a place of honor, I did not do it for nothing! "
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Tonton said:
Alexandre B. said:
9th from the maglia rosa group today. Very solid.
So is Madouas the new Madouas :D ? To me, better all around, not as good of a climber just yet, but super talented.
Has he said anything about what he wants to become? I also think he's a good allrounder, but i don't know if he can be a real GT contender. He has the build for it (height/weight) though, and still has plenty of room for improvement, as he still has to turn only 23 next month. Yet compared to Sivakov, Lambrecht... he seems to maybe be a late bloomer. He's a year older than those guys, and his results in the U23 were never of the same caliber, but he seems to be steadily progressing.
He's more like a young Chavanel, from a skill-set perspective. With better climbing skills. Sylvain worked hard and eventually became a good ITT specialist. It will be interesting to see which way Valentin goes. Classics and one-week stages I hope.

Great first GT.