The Women's Road Racing Thread 2020

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Thunderstorms forecast in Aberfoyle tomorrow at pretty much the exact time the race is expected to go over the Dukes. It'll make for some impressive pictures as they pass the sign where it flattens out, but not sure I'd want to be up there in a thunderstorm.
It's rather quiet on the cycling front at the moment, apart from that very sad news earlier in the week :( , but at least I could always now see out the rest of my days by 'liking' all of LS's likeable posts :)

P.S. I can also see my long lost signature again now. It's a miracle!
Real shame for stage 1 of a new race to be annulled like that, but nothing the organizers could do. I know Scotland has a bad rep for weather, but they just didn't stand a chance sadly. I hope it doesn't harm the race in the long run, in terms of establishing itself, because obviously it's a brand new race so it needs to establish its identity to attract riders etc.; I know they're running it mid-August to try to benefit from maximum possibility of good weather. Scotland may produce unpredictable weather but they used to sustain a Scottish Milk Race in the 60s and 70s, and the eastern amateurs used to come and race it. Ryszard Szurkowski won it a couple of times.
What is your take on Movistar signing Barbara Guarischi and Jelena Erić to their women's team roster?

Too bad the stage for today's race was cancelled, but sounds like they didn't have any other options.
I’m out by Glengoyne. Weather is lovely at the moment and should stay so until they are over the Dukes.

There’s a couple of little lumps before where I am and then it’s a straight, flat hit-out to the Dukes. After yesterday’s stage cancellation. I’m expecting the GC teams to be pushing here to try and drain some legs. Will probably break up on the Dukes and then around Loch Venachar as it’s rollkng and twisty on those roads.
I just need Boels-Dolmans to field the following riders for the Tour of Norway:

Anna Van Der Breggen
Amy Pieters
Karol-Ann Canuel
Amalie Dideriksen
Christine Majerus
and a sixth rider (who'll then go on to take the leader's jersey, and win the whole damn thing!)

Really a shame they don't have the Dutch champion...
The Vårgårda TTT will be shown on Swedish TV today 15 CEST. I'm not sure about other countries. But the road race tomorrow will be broadcast live in 68 countries according to the official homepage. The RR is 145 km with 29 km of gravel road.
Quite a lot of transfer action in the past week to catch up on.

Firstly, the rejuvenation of Spanish women's cycling continues apace, with the establishment of Team Casa Dorada, who open their account by signing Spanish youngster Enara López, along with Rachel Neylan out of Virtu's yard sale and, perhaps more interestingly, Małgorzata Jasińska from Movistar. Gosia has been one of the bright spots for Movistar that had helped them become an established team so it's surprising that they allowed her to go, although they have countered that by picking up two of the most interesting items in the Virtu yard sale - U23 WWT winner last year and candidate for it this year (though Lorena Wiebes seems more likely at this point), Sofia Bertizzolo, and Norwegian climber Katrine Aalerud. They've also managed to extend the contracts of almost all of their other key names, missing only Mavi García and Roxane Fournier at this point - there aren't signs that the former will leave at this point, but the latter has been linked with a return to FDJ.

There's also the not unexpected folding of Health Mate in the wake of the case against the team's manager for sexual harrassment of some of the riders; a couple of the riders, Kirstie van Haaften and Kathrin Schweinberger, have found a home at a new team called Ciclotel - we shall see in the coming weeks whether this will effectively become Health Mate mark II but with different management. Also another new outfit is Chevalmeire, a cyclocross team which is branching out to the road and extending its remit, signing both Thalita and Demi de Jong.
It's also a product of the comparative homogeny of the women's calendar. Not enough mountainous races, not enough time trials, a lot of stage races built around rolling terrain with a tricky finish, and while Vos is Vos and there's nothing that anybody can do about that, and she certainly shouldn't be not riding to her best, there is an over-representation of the type of race that she is totally suited to on the calendar. She can turn her hand at the climbs, the sprints, the time trials and so on, because she's the best there ever was in women's cycling, but those are areas where others can challenge her. There are too many races in the WWT calendar in the area of the sport in which she's totally peerless.



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