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Things named after pro cycling

Apr 18, 2010
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Hennie Kuiper Allee

After a flat tire in the 1982 Amstel Gold Race, Hennie Kuiper used a shortcut to rejoin the leaders. (he takes the shortcut at 4:16)

An unofficial sign was placed on the street and it is still there:

The AGR still passes this corner, but the shortcut is blocked during the race.
Mar 13, 2009
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Near my house there is a 12k climb that has a side road that, if you take it, increases the gradient to 25% from approx 8%. It is called heart trouble lane and oh, it is gravel too. You will need a 23:eek:
Feb 27, 2010
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Los Angeles got its initials from Lance's :D

I think a hill in Netherlands got named Gesink or something like that by Robert Gesink. I remember reading this somewhere but can't remember where for sure.
I always loved The Delgados because of their name, but never really got their music under my skin, unfortunately. It's a huge plus, though, that they named a couple of early albums Domestiques and Peloton respectively. They even did a split single with a band/artist called Van Impe! Gotta love it. This song and video is wonderful, by the way. A shame they cut the intro from the video version.

And while we're at the cycling lovin' indie popsters, the band Tramway recorded songs called Gianni Bugno Wheels and Tour du Pont. Lovely, although I haven't heard any of them.
On just about every ride I do, I pass Cavendish Place, in Brighton East, Melbourne. I start swearing uncontrollably for approx 2 seconds.

I also pass Evans Avenue, Moorabbin, occasionally.

I am yet to find an Abdoujaparov Road, however.