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Thriller - the Perfect Work of Michael Jackson

Jun 27, 2009
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Thriller - the Perfect Work of Michael Jackson

Thriller is first published in 1982. It sells millions of copies. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thriller, Jackson issued Thriller 25, comprising original material from the album, re-mixes, the previously unreleased song "For All Time" and a DVD. At its 25th anniversary, Thriller retained important influence over the music industry, artists, and American culture.

Even if you are not the fans of MJ, you can the wonderful sound on the record. As an excellent songwriter, Michael Jackson had created 4 songs in the album Thriller, and co-created one song, which counts half of the album. From the singles Billie Jean and Beat it, you get to know the inside world of this great and mystic genius. Even though I think this album does is not the peak of Michael Jackson’s creation, however, the surprising selling of the album, the unprecedented street dance and famous moon walk, tip toe on floor like ballet, dancing with the melody of Billie Jean make Michael Jackson to the King of Pop without any doubt.

For those who get to know him because of the recent negative reports, I hope that you can listen to his songs and evaluate it more objectively. There are many talented artists who did not get respect when they were alive, but if we only take an objective review only after a hundred year. I think it is the utmost tragedy. For the so-called weird actions of Michael Jackson like having a pet chimpanzee, the change of his appearance are the personal affairs, to some extent it could be on the demand of the work. In terms of bleaching his skin, it is difficult for the current technology. He was set without guilty on the child sex abuse on June 13, 2005. Michael Jackson is the artist who donated the most charity on the Guinness World Records. However, his contribution to the world is somewhat ignored by the world. How many people are there still keeping a full copy of his songs and enjoy them all the time?

Michael Jackson left the world with many regrets, but there are more respects and loves. We will be overwhelmed by his song, crazy with his dance. He is the real King of Pop. There are countless disputes around Michael Jackson, and most are hostile attack. When he left us, it is the time for him to wash the foul and to the heaven. Michael Jackson is still the King of Pop in the heaven.