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Dec 18, 2019
I've got a minor nuisance complaint. It is regarding the time out settings for the forum - I find them to be excessively short.

Allow me to be sure that we are clearly communicating. I am speaking of the automatic time-out that the webpages put into action when one is logged in. If the web page scripts detect no actions for a preset time, the scripts log one out.
I can see no reason for the CN Forums to be a high security site - my banks take more time to time me out than the CN Forums do. So I request that the time-out length be reset to something reasonable and more in accord with the usage of the site. I would suggest 20 to 30 minutes.
Hey, I'm not a mod - or someone working in tech support - but I think I know what the issue is.
When you log in, do you deactivate the little Keep me logged in checkmark?
No, that's not the issue RedheadDane, although if this was a legit question and real forum member it would be a great answer and probably the correct one. This particular person has created multiple accounts all asking similar styled questions but technically different (enough) to make them appear related when added together. They all revolve around creating an illusion that the forum's software has parameters set wrong and is negatively affecting multiple users which under normal circumstances would be cause for forum staff to tweak some settings. As they seem overly concerned that CN is unnecessarily a "high security site", it would be a good guess that's based on previous experience (and a little help from some great spam fighting tools) that they're probably a spammer and I'm guessing they might be frustrated that we're getting pretty good at detecting, identifying, tracking and then removing all types of spam, even the really cleaver spammy questions that they (spammers/scammers) use to groom the forum with before coming back later with 300 spam/scam thread topics that are selling fake ID's, or giving away brand new iPhone's for free (which never ever happens but some people are too naive or too young/old to know any better), which all you have to do to collect this windfall is click on the link and $1000 iPhone will be sent to you for nothing more than having the ability to breathe, but instead 6 months later when your life is completely turned upside down after you find out that you've been financially ruined by some shameless, faceless internet scammer that installed a keylogger or other malware on your machine when you clicked that "free iPhone" link 6 months back (but mysteriously enough, never received that free iPhone).... I digress, I know, but I get on a roll sometimes when dealing with these characters which over the years I've become quite competent at quickly identifying these spammer scammer types, and no doubt this is one of them here, along with the other accounts that they created on 12/11/2019 and 12/17/2019.

I take a lot of satisfaction in the fact that we (the CN Forums Mod Squad) have been able to maintain a readable forum that's mostly spam free for the last few years after being a spammers paradise and favorite target for a long, long time. Although some spam will still sneak by and get posted from time to time, but with the combination of the human moderation team, forum software anti-spam tools and alert forum members that flag the spam or spammish looking posts (which is a huge help by the way!) we're able to get rid of it pretty quickly when it does get by us.
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Yeah, I only realised what was up after I'd already posted my reply - and run the test. Thing is, that actually did use to be a real issue; I've been thrown off - on the old forums - because I was inactive for too long.