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Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 3: San Miniato - Monsummano Terme (159 km)



Jun 22, 2009
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It's a shame they're not riding the other side of the san boronto, would have been too steep for the sprinters. That being said if the pace is pushed on those 2 climbs it might be still. A good climber, with some ascending skills and the power to maintain the speed in the last 10km could win this one.
I doubt the likes of cav will make it over this. Last chance for the sprinters until the final stage anyway.
Sep 16, 2009
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Yeah, Cavendish will take it easy tonight whilst Farrar, Boonen and the other sprinting climbers fight out for the win. Farrar needs to do what Boonen did and hitch on the back of the Liquigas train.
May 6, 2009
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Big GMaC said:
Only to be caught at the line by a rampaging Belgian in practice for Classics Afterparty no.1 in a week's time.

Haha, that's pretty good. Maybe Tommke won't get busted for snorting some Bolivian Marching Powder.
i loved the exchange between magnus backstedt and the other announcer who loves flecha asking if flecha might get involved in the sprint to which backstedt replied "no absolutely not"...and then flecha gets fifth in the sprint :p
Mar 12, 2009
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what a turn by quinziato! is cav ever gonna get close again? farrar looks lost without a leadout man, sky got in a great position but seemed to bottle it?