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Tour de France 2017 Stage 16: Le Puy to Romans-sur-Isère

Once the flag is dropped the road starts to go up until Côte de Boussoulet is crested after 20 kilometres. The official climb (3rd category) is 4.5 kilometres at 6.3%. The rolls on and at kilometre 65 the riders are atop Col du Rouvey, which is the highest point of the day at an elevation of 1,250 metres. The climb itself is modest – 2.8 kilometres at 5,6% – before a long drop runs to a gently rolling last section of some 50 kilometres.

AG2R’s Pierre Latour was born is arrival place Romans-sur-Isère.


3 roundabouts in the last km could make it a tricky finish

Would be interesting if Sunweb tries to drop Kittel on the first climb. If so, then another teams with whoever sprinter survived might join to fend off the Kittel's chase. That would mean a high pace and the favourites being a bit stressed before mountains in the following days.

It's likely to be a sprint finish, because 2nd part of the stage looks easy to control. A very strong break of 10+ riders including some great rouleurs would need to form early to change that.
I personally dislike stages like this, they seem to throw away any meaning to the mountains. However, hopefully the winds will make things interesting. If that chart is right, we could be looking at winds over 30kph in many spots, with gusts over 50kph. That's pretty brutal.
Jul 1, 2017
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Forecast is for crosswinds ...
2:00 PM TUE Sunny 89° SSW 18 mph
3:00 PM TUE Sunny 90° SSW 18 mph
4:00 PM TUE Sunny 91° SSW 18 mph
5:00 PM TUE Sunny 91° SSW 18 mph
6:00 PM TUE Sunny 90° SSW 18 mph
Re: Re:

Leinster said:
classicomano said:
if Kittel wins this I might cry.
If Kittel gets over the early lumps on this and somehow wins the stage, it'll be well deserved. It'll kill Bling's last chance of making some sort of contest out of the green jersey, but then, that will be well deserved too at this stage.

Kittel still has to make the time cut in the two mountain stages; he probably will but it's not a guarantee.