Tour de France 2020 | Stage 8 (Gazeres-sur-Geronne - Loudenvielle

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On a scale of 1 to Colombian host broadcaster how excited will you get when Quintana attacks here.
I think the record of Colombia in the Pyrenees is abysmal, when compared to the Alps.
And Quintana is supposedly still licking his wounds (nursing his knee to be precise). So, I would be absolutely surprised.
In exciting terms I would be 0.7 Colombian broadcaster units (I don't know, it would be like the sports presenter in the evening news)
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More seriously I really think we may see Bardet taking a punt tomorrow.

He's flying under the radar and not hyped with good reason, but he's at least been in good enough shape to not have dropped time so far so may be able to live long enough if it's just at a decent tempo. Meanwhile he's exactly the sort of rider that might be let go because nobody will take his chances seriously and we all know he's happy to absolutely bomb it down a descent.

One good day of legs and he gets a moment in yellow and that would probably make his tour / year a success.
has anyone done lac de cap-de-long climb in the same area? not a TDF climb because it is restricted in terms of being in a national park, but it looks amazing... next time...
Genuinely the most beautiful bike ride I've ever done. It's spectacular. And the little restaurant at the dam had the most delicious grilled trout you could imagine.

I did it before gravel biking was a thing. Every now and then I check the satellite images on google, and I can't help thinking there's a route through, somehow, from Oredon to the west side of the Tourmalet, which would just be the most epic ride.
Problem is that there are no climbs early in the stage so pure climbers might struggle and we may see a breakaway of similar composition to the one on stage 6.
In last tours we often had breakaways with more then 40 riders on mountain stages (ok more the mountain stages in the end). If this will happen tomorrow, also climbers like them will be in..