Tour de France 2021 / Official documents

May 13, 2021
Hello cycling people,

Sending you documents in one place for easier covering the race in the next three weeks.
(Note: I know & want to say, so dont need to reply on comments again - Eshnar did a nice work here about that, even more detailed than me, great).
I just put documents in one place for myself so I can easier following the race, so wants to share it. Here is everything in PDF, so who loves that way you can use it also.
For future Grand Tours, if you want I put you on my list with cycling contacts in Gmail, we can exchange emails (just click me in inbox), so I can save you and before Grand Tours you will get documents like that in email which I usually send to my friends & people who follow UCI World Tour regularly.

Tour de France 2021 - Official documents:
Documents on WeTransfer link:
(Road Book, Race Guide-made by Feki, Press kit, Rules & Prize money, Start list, Stage profiles, Time schedule, Ascent profiles, Figures)

Have a nice day
Greetings from Zagreb



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