Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 11: Sorgues – Malaucène, 198.9 km

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Gerrans is now based in Australia like Keenan and McEwan - It's interesting that he has chosen to travel to Europe while Keenan and McEwan have chosen to remain in Oz - Its probably a quarantine issue.

I have seen Ligget's studio - It's cramped while his TV monitor is small. small
I think it has to do with the TDF only allowing so many on the race to call it from the location.
A faster pace for the winner doesn't help the gruppetto. It increases the allowed gap to the winner, but not the total time to complete the stage.
Yes, after being dropped, you obviously want to the leaders to ride slow. However, if the pace is fast in flat start, when everyone is still in peloton, it most likely helps.
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