Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 21: Chatou – Paris Champs-Élysées, 108.4 km

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I think Wout winning on the Champs the day after winning a TT in the same race where he won the Mont Ventoux stage qualifies as a truly special moment.
I don't think it is one which will go into the annals of history and be replayed ad nauseaum like 1979, 1989 and even 2005 though, as the undoubtedly impressive stat which van Aert achieved here (first in 42 years to win sprint, mountain stage and ITT in the same tour, and especially doing two of them back to back at the end of the race) is a bit more obscure and less immediate than "most stage wins". If Cav broke the record here, we'd never forget that moment because it would be played in Tour packages forever, whereas if Cav now doesn't break the record, or if he does but it's in some random midweek transitional stage, it would not be part of the iconography of the Tour.

As I say, I'm ambivalent. I'm not particularly keen on Cav getting the untied record, but if he was going to get it, taking it on the Champs would have been the Hollywood scriptwriter option.
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I am curious who is the last rider to win a mountain, sprint, and time trial stage in a GT?
Last to do it in the Tour was Hinault. He won the mountain stage 3 from Luchon to Pau, the sprint stage 23 to Nogent-Sur-Marne, and 4(!) ITT stages, and rounded the whole thing off by winning the 2-up sprint v Zoetemelk on the Champs-Elysees to finish the whole thing off and put the gap to 3rd place up to nearly a half hour.
It seems like Quick-Step's leadout wasn't as strong as it had been in previous stages and Cavendish just didn't have the legs.

If Cavendish was feeling it he would have moved up early and opened up a bike length in the last 200 meters.

No #35 but 4 stages and the Points Classification is a successful Tour even by prime Cav standards.
Depends what you mean by leadout. Protecting Cavendish, controlling the break, and leading out with 1.5 km to go they were just like the other stages. They’re not the end all be all like HTC or Shimano in the final kms with Kittel.
Stages 3, 4, and 5 AF had the best leadout.
Stage 10 Quickstep had textbook leadout.
Stage 13 they were going for another textbook and than it became a free-for-all.
Stage 21 JF had the best leadout.

I think he hesitated because he didn’t know if he wanted to go up the barrier or between them. He also could have been blind because he could have wanted the win too much, just like with 2014 crash. Usually he’s smarter than that to ride into a boxing in.
Definitely successful Tour!
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I feel it should be pointed out that Bol finished 21st on the stage.

He was behind 2 of Sagan's leadout men (Postlberger and Oss).

Well done, DSM. Great tour, guys.
Bol was trying to achieve something completely different. He finished 6th on stage 6, 10th on stage 10, then he mixed up stages 19 and 20, where he finished 120th and 119th, before he got 21st in Paris.