Tour de France Tour de France 2022 route rumors thread.

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Danish cycling media "Feltet" (The Peloton), put up the 3 stages in Denmark, starting the 2021 Tour de France:

It is in danish, so use your translator of choice :D

Stage 1 is a fairly technical (some nasty corners) 13 k ITT through the centre of Copenhagen (seeing the sights).

I can tell you already now, that people like Asgreen, Bjerg, Würtz, Kragh and Norsgaard (neopro at Movistar in 2020), will already now be preparing for (and begging their lead DS for permission to prioritise) that stage as being a main season goal in 2021 (and making the Tour team ;)).

They will all kill themselves, for the chance at taking yellow in their own capital - it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, which will make them national heroes, in a cycling crazy nation..... it would be like the Tour opening with a mountain stage in Colombia for the Colombians.

Even people like Valgren, Pedersen and Cort will be riding their heart out on that one, because "what if" (and the prospect of being close to yellow for the next stage).

Stage 2 is 199 k, starts inland going past one of Europe's largest music festivals (Roskilde Festival), which is on at the same time (imagine 130.000 drunk teenagers, all being aware the Tour is coming by, it might be chaos :D), and then upon reaching the coast turn south, through a hilly (small hills), twisty, 60 k route, with a good chance of crosswind action - weather permitting ;) - Ending with a spectacular ride across what - I think - is one of the longest bridges in Europe (17 k, it's actually two bridges, you hit a tiny island in the middle), with a finish about 10 k after the bridge.

Guys like Pedersen, Cort, Valgren and Vingegaard will kill to take that one in a break away, as well as the aforementioned TT guys.

Stage 3 is 182 k, and starts in really interesting, hilly terrain, but is then a long trek south through pretty flat country. Some small hills, here and there, but nothing that would worry the sprinter teams, and I expect a bunch sprint finish.
If it is very windy, it's an entirely different stage (and it is designed for that) - strong western winds are common in Denmark, because of the proximity to the North Sea and the flat countryside, and if it is a windy day, it will become a GC day, because on a stage which is pretty much north/south for a 100 k of the stage, you can make huge differences in time.
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Unfortunately, they don't visit my hometown so... I'll to go to the "Mountain", so to speak.

Also, I'm just trying - and failing - to take the Côte de [Danish name] thing seriously. Actually… I'm not even trying; it looks ridiculous!
Some wind statistics for the stage 2 bridge crossing: Average wind is 4 m/s at sea level, 6 m/s at the highest part (~60 m above sea level).

Wind directions (1% chance/risk of no wind):

51% Probability of 7 m/s or more:

7% risk of 15 m/s or more, which is when light vehicles will have difficulties passing the bridge: