Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 5 (Lille Métropole – Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 157k)

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and i have news for you, dear friend:

absolutely NO ONE is arguing that.

the question is why bettiol clearly helped pog against his own teammates.

not sure i have anything against stuyven's ride. initially he wanted to catch the break to contest the win. and trek has absolutely no GC intentions. bettiol is a completely different thing.
Yeah, I don’t understand the Stuyven criticism. You keep riding in that situation, especially when you have no GC rider, in the hope that the break ahead of you start playing around and you can still catch them right at the end.
Rog has not given up, but it's hard to see how he recovers 2 minutes from Pog.

A bale of straw moved by a following motorcycle caused the fall of Slovenian Primoz Roglic on Wednesday 30 km from the finish of the cobblestone stage, between Lille and Arenberg, while he was in the group of favorites with Christophe Laporte.‎

‎"I got up quickly and got back on my bike but, very quickly, I understood that I could not continue like this,"‎‎ explained the co-leader of Jumbo-Visma who had already fallen last year during the third stage in Brittany and had to give up a few days later. ‎‎I had to stop and take a spectator's seat to put my shoulder back in place myself. As has happened to me before, I know how to do it, I grab my knee and pull hard. »‎

‎Marked by the fall and the effort he had to make afterwards to limit his delay (he is now 44th in the general classification, 2'36'' from Wout van Aert and 2'17'' from Tadej Pogacar). ‎‎"I don't know what state I'm going to be in to continue. For now, I don't think I lost the Tour, I'm not there yet in my head, I'll try to recover. »‎
Congratulations to Simon Clarke for winning this prestigious stage.

As for the stage itself. Pogi took it seriously. Dropped his team and isolated himself. Saying here i am. JV after four stages of being dominant and aggressive nowhere to be seen. As a result crashing somewhere at the back in the bunch due to some incident they couldn't control. Organizer achieving the goal to kill the race early.

Chapeau to all mentioned!
Thomas crashed at the same time as Roglic and then had to ride the rest of the stage on a damaged bike. Yates and Martinez aren’t exactly cobbled specialists. Ganna is injured. The only surprise was Van Baarle not being called back to help the chase.
Thomas was involved in a crash with Bahrain which resulted in Haig's DNF. Pidcock dropped back to help Thomas. Yates was caught behind another incident and dropped back to the chase group. VDB was in the first group and then punctured. Not sure about Martinez.
Maybe earlier in the stage, but the moment we're all talking about (around 28 k from the line I believe) was a bit more than 20 seconds (20 seconds on camera).
He led the group several times with Pog in his wheel. Stringing everything out. With no teammate behind him or near him. His last time at the front basically lead to gaps and Stuyven and Pogs break.

this is while the stage victory and the yellow jersey we’re both in play for two of his teammates ahead.

and helping to create Pogs break meant that jumbo and WVA forced the pace like crazy behind which ultimately lead to WVA holding onto the yellow jersey.

there is a direct line between Bettiol‘s actions and his team not achieving what they could’ve achieved. It’s frankly unconscionable.

Even his team CEO has publicly intimated that it was certainly not team tactics that led him to take that action. Unless something else comes out he should be taken out of the race by his team.
EBH really played that bad. The only rider he needed to mark was Powerless, who would have to ride for the yellow jersey no matter what. He would have been by far the fastest.
i think EBH was gunning for yellow. Which meant he needed 8 secs more in bonuses than powless. The other two riders knew this and therefore more willing to wait. EBH was stuck between a rock and a hard place and made the choice to go for yellow.
Today the Chancellor was part of the delegation sitting Boris Johnson down to tell him it was over. This happened 15 hours after he was appointed to the role. It's still not confused me as much as Aurelien Paret-Peintre has done by finishing in the big group. Some comedy tactics on display today by a number of teams, in many walks of life #JusticeForGreg
Just got back from a very long and interesting day riding in a sponsor's car ahead of the peloton. The crowds were kind of thin until the last 4 pavé sectors, then absolutely bonkers...I was honestly surprised at how much carnage the stage caused as the first 100 km were not particularly difficult and the weather was ideal.

However, the pace was really high -- our driver had to hustle to keep ahead of the riders -- so maybe that contributed. We were listening to race radio and I could not figure out what happened to JV until the very end.

Everyone was confused by Bettiol pulling Pog against his own teammates. And also why Stuyven was pulling Pogacar when it was clear he wasn't going to catch the escapees.

Re the haybales: I saw 3 or 4 tricky spots that were padded with haybales, which really surprised me. I thought that those were last used as padding in the 1950s...another thing that struck me was just how HUGE the Tour is, logistically. It's like a not so small army that has to set up camp, fight a battle, then clean up the bodies and pack up the tents at the end of the day. Every day for 3 weeks...
Wasn't it a mistake from Pogacar to attack in hindsight? He gained 13 seconds on Vingegaard eventually. The group were at roughly a minute from Vingegaard & Co when the Slovenian made his move. Actually the gap might have ballooned to about 2 minutes if Pogacar had ridden tempo with Arkea, BORA & FDJ instead of moving away.