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Tour de France 2024 - team line-ups

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Guess IPT decided they could only bring one old guy.

George Bennett will be disappointed that he could make this team. One of the reasons he moved to Israel was to ride the TDF.
the team thought that he will climb much better, then what he showed.
he was disappointing , both at mercan (a 1.1 race older fuglsang won for the team 2 years before) , and both at TDS (also riccitello made him look even worst then he was).
Still think they might regret not bringing another rouleur. You do not want to have a puncture in the crosswinds with this team.
As long as Politt and Wellens are not crashing out, I think they are still fine.

But even when, Ayuso and Almeida have the power to be excellent time trialists, so I don´t see a reason, why they couldn´t do the job on the flat, when it matters. Of course their individual GC will suffer from that, but if they are really riding only as domestiques, then this is just not an argument.