Tour de l'Ain 2021, 29th - 31st July (2.1)

Unlike last year, the time of the race means that the field is quite weak (and so shortly after the OGRR it's weaker than most years), but that in turn should give space for the talents here to shine.

The third, decisive stage is on the same route from the top Côte de Giron to the finish as the second stage last year, won by Roglič in a sprint from a select group. Col de Menthières is the last ~9 km of the profile below:

A lot of interesting young riders participating:
Champoussin, Van Wilder Garofoli, Simmons, Skjelmose, Kron, Lipowitz. Champoussin, Van Wilder and Skjelmose could all feature in the top if the gc with the former two possibly contesting the win.