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Tour de Suisse 2024, June 9 - 16

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You can minus 100 watts the year before. I have been watching the mountain stages lately from 2013, and god damn was he even more trash than I remember. He was visibly hurting and looking more labored than ever. I wonder what happened in 2014 since he got so much better at that age.
Funny I nearly posted that I thought Yates went too early from 3 km out but thought, no, he'll win anyway. I forget it's team UAE!

It seems Almeida thinks so too, https://cyclinguptodate.com/cycling...st-to-close-gap-in-gc-fight-at-tour-de-suisse
"We anticipated that INEOS Grenadiers would try to set the pace, and we just wanted it to be higher so we had Jan Christen and Isaac del Toro pull," Almeida explains. "Then Adam wanted to go, but maybe he went from a little too far and eventually when I felt good, I bridged."

With Yates and Almeida working in tandem at the front, the duo put more time into the rest of their general classification rivals such as Egan Bernal and Mattias Skjelmose, with Almeida eventually taking the stage win ahead of Yates. "I was in a perfect position at the bottom of the climb so yeah I'm pretty happy with the last two stages," he concludes with an eye on the upcoming individual time-trial. "If I could, I would win everyday but it's not that easy. But I think it suits me so I will do my best."
What a time to be an Almeida fan!

(Yes, it is in fact possible to be happier and I have high hopes for Sunday.)
The guy is riding great and back to back awesomeness!! To pulse like he did is super human, watch similar efforts by Del Toro, he pulls off, body,heart,head all relax just to a degree, my job is done. Chugg up the hill and finish. Almeida reborn, rebounds multiple times in 2 days. The guy was just not done. Don't know what recovery time was taken from dragging at Yates pace, pulling off..dropping a little, seeing a role to play on destroying or disrupting Trek and Ineos from threatening Yates, lead, his win. And through absolutely killing himself Joel fighting through whatever, makes it back to Yates, gives a little more and it's allowed first take at the winning feast!!
Don't know what else he can take from this race, his TT speed is there, able to stay there on sprint stages, tactical and physical in need of nothing and his climbing is good. Any role UAE needs him to play he can do it. When Christen, Del Toro or Hirschi get in the bus, all of them know for certain that they couldn't have done these last 2 days even w on fire form. Yates rode very well and even he knows that if Almeida had forced the issue things would be way different. Team player that Portug...can you tell I am impressed. I need a massage just from watching him ride on TV!!

I'll be telling my grandchildren this was a time trial.
Pog is going to have to be in Tour winning form just to follow his domestiques. And if he can't, well they don't wait for no one.

View: https://twitter.com/WattsinCycling/status/1801629406655287672
Pogacar is the Japanese bullet train to Almeida’s Swiss train of efficiency and exactness. When I visited Switzerland the trains were down to the second. If Pog’s train breaks down Almeida and Yates could be headed for glory. But otherwise they’ll be waving goodbye to end up with a scenic podium at best, not shabby in its own right.
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It's the same climb as last year stage 3. (And the TT is the same as TdR 2 years ago).
Except the very bottom of the road stage, there they climb the small mur used in this year's TdR Leysin stage just before the final climb.
Btw 2022 TdF climbed Col de la Croix from the other side. Jungels attacked there and won
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The last climb tomorrow is the same one they use mid stage and in the TT right?

I guess Switzerland is so poor on mountains that they need to use the same climb 3 times over 2 stages.
I've posted this before, but the good burghers of the Cantons don't want their affluent neighbourhoods blocked off and spoiled by a caravan of cycling yahoos and their attendents. These people have paid good money to live in Switzerland so they don't want their ambience disturbed by helicopters, motorbikes and the riff-raff of the sporting media. "Let them cycle where the poor people live!":)
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Nice to see Adam Yates and Almeida in great shape (maybe too early taking into account the tough third week of the Tour). Finally another victory for Almeida. Better in shape than his friend Evenepoel;)
What an impressive team, UAE. Partly due to the setbacks of VLAB. The question remains whether they can maintain this high form for another 4/5 weeks?
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