Tour of Britain 2022 (September 4-11)

The other stage race that's going on. Compared to last year's edition, the field is a lot weaker and the route doesn't look too great either, although the kind of British autumn weather the riders seem primed to get a slice of should make things a lot harder.


The route

Stage 1: Aberdeen - Glenshee Ski Centre, 181.3k

The race starts where it left off at the end of last year in Aberdeen. This first stage sees the race venture into the Scottish Highlands for the first time ever, although the route is underwhelming given the available options - they even finish on the easy side of the Cairnwell Pass rather than the steep side through the Devil's Elbow my account is named after. They also pass by Balmoral Castle, clearly the riders will be the most noteworthy visitors the Queen's summer residence will see the next few days.

Suie Road:

Glenshee Ski Centre (finish at the ski centre, 0.8k before the pass):

Stage 2: Hawick - Duns, 175.2k
Lengthy transfer south (a near-daily feature this year) for a visit to the Scottish Borders. The three hills in the finale, while not overly steep, are narrow and irregular (especially the first two and their descents) should make things decently selective. The race director has claimed he can't see this one ending in a sprint and the finish design reflects that, let's hope he ends up being right because I'm less sure.


Stage 3: Durham - Sunderland, 163.6k
The first stage on English soil should feature the first full bunch sprint, despite a decent amount of climbing. If visibility is an issue on this stage, the good news is that they pass through Barnard Castle, I hear it's a great place for testing your eyesight.

Chapel Fell:

Billy Lane:

Stage 4: Redcar - Duncombe Park, Helmsley (149.5k)
Yorkshire time. The hills in this part of the world are steep, given that this isn't the most selective edition (on paper) this should definitely be a GC day, even if they could have come up with a much harder route here.

Robin Hood's Bay: click the link

Egton Bank: click the link

Carlton Bank:

Newgate Bank:

Stage 5: West Bridgford - Mansfield, 186.6k
The easiest stage of the race.

Stage 6: Tewkesbury - Gloucester, 170.9k
Yet another hilly stage, and yet another day where it's up in the air how selective it will actually turn out to be.

Round Hill:

Crawley Hill:

Edge Hill (the final uncategorised climb): click the link

Stage 7: West Bay - Ferndown, 175.9k
The final sprint opportunity, at least for the more onedimensional types.

Stage 8: Ryde - The Needles, 148.9k
The final stage is another hilly one, but a lot depends on the GC situation here. Could be carnage, could be a reduced sprint up the hill to the finish.

Brading Down: click the link

Cowleaze Hill: click the link

Zig Zag Road: click the link (first 1.3k only)

The Needles: click the link

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Commentary on GCN was poor. A shot of Balmoral and Stephens think's its just a posh house, then spends time not a clue if the Queen is there. I mean, it's not like there hasn't been anything about the political situation in the UK the last week. Then about Saint Pirin team getting a women's team next year. Errr, they have one now. DO YOUR RESEARCH..