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Tour of Britian 2010 route announced

Feb 12, 2010
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8 stages starting in Rochdale and finishing in East London (See route map below.


Stages 3, 4 and 5 look like they could be crucial and hopefully a bit selective they all depend on where they have the finish. Swansea could use some very steep hills leading up to the finish, as could Glastonbury and Teignmouth.

Should be a race for the sprinters again all in all.

Just one note, the transfer from stage 5 in Glastonbury to the start of stage 6in Kings Lynn is 227 miles and will take over 4.5 hours. That'll make the riders happy.

Teams confirmed to date are:
Garmin Transitions
HTC Columbia
Saxo Bank
Team Sky
Cervelo Test Team
Skil Shimano
Topsport Vlaanderen
An Post
Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta
Rapha Condor Sharp
Sigma Sport Specialized

Plus 2 more to be announced
Feb 12, 2010
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KL or Stoke the nearest for me.

The Norfolk one could be interesting if the wind blows. However, in recent years the race has passed over some decent climbs but the finishes have been miles away from them ultimately reducing the impact. That's why sprinters dominate the race. The 1st 2 stages look like the same thing again.

I hope they learn their lesson and find some intersting finishes in Swansea, Glastonbury and Teignmouth or else it'll be the same again.
Mar 11, 2009
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That looks like a nasty hill, I hope it's close to the finish (and that they go up it more than once).

The London stage is on a Saturday so I might hop on the train.
Jan 18, 2010
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I can make the London stage, but yes it could turn out to be Cervelo V Sky. Depending on the startlist it could be Hunt, Hammond V Downing, Sutton, Swift etc so that will be worth watching.
Reverend_T_Preedy said:
According to the BBC they are going to go up Constition Hill in Swansea!!! That'll out the cat amongst the pigeons!!!



Constitution Hill has been used before in the Tour of Britain, in either 93 or 94 but it didnt really split the race up much even though they went up it a few times. I remember it was the first race that Evgeni Berzin came to prominence winning the KOM jersey, must have been 93 then.