Tour of Croatia 2.HC (17/04 - 22/04)

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I don’t think it’s unusual for young climbers to struggle in climbs like Sveti Jure. The climb is a Marathon and the riders who have been pros for ten years or more (Weening, Sioutsou and Rogina) has built an engine over the years that young guys like Pogacar simply hasnt had the time and kilometers to develop yet so I wouldnt really be disappointed by Pogacar. Niklas Eg and Gidich was really inpressive though.

Regarding Pogacar, he has shown quite a bit of versatility this year. He is obviously a great climbing prospect, which he showed yesterday again, but he was also 15th in Ronde van Vlaanderen Espoirs and has gotten some nice results in hilly races and flatter ones as well. He is an exciting prospect.
May 10, 2017

fauniera said:
Makes sense what you say about Sveti Jure.

Pogacar is also a decent time trialist and is quite fast. He has it all.
Not to make a further excuse for him (I think the Sv Jure was too much for his young legs anyway) but this race is still two months from the main objective of his season, Tour of Slovenia, where he was already 5th last year. Hopefully he can be in even better shape there