Track World Champs

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The Dutch sprint team is a bomb waiting to explode, one year before Paris... Quite some tension between Lavreysen and Hoogland.
The bluntness of the Dutch is always very refreshing when having to deal with British politeness all the time. I guess you don't need to like everyone you work with.
The omnium is freaking trash nowadays anyway. It used to be a perfect combination of power and endurance. Some guys used to excelled at the flying lap, others excelled at scratch, and you had guys who were good but excelled in neither. It gave a cracking race, spread over two days, and at the end the most complete and consistent rider would win. Nowadays you can just wheel suck yourself to a medal in the points race. That's not an omnium.


'This is way too close a race, we don't want that.'
- Some moron, probably
No, no, no. Omnium is much better now. One bike, one day. Some people (not saying you) who dislike current format have not experienced Track Leagues, which are far more entertaining to watch and/or ride than waiting around hours for kilo and pursuit and flying lap to be run off (and I fancied myself as a pursuiter at one time, see my avatar). Much better for younger age groups to get involved in from the ground up because only one bike/position or setup is required and parents don't have to sacrifice a whole weekend ... and mid-week track leagues are the perfect training. As for wheel-sucking to the win, that is what happens in lots of cycling events including the Grand Tours where it can go on for a week or more.
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Colombia with the Keirin World Champion in the men's and the runner-up in the women's.

Who would have thought track sprints would be their strongest cycling events a couple of years ago?
Fabian Puerta was very successful in the keirin at the Worlds (1 gold and two silvers) and in the World Cup (overall titles in kilo, the sprint and the keirin) from 2012 to 2018.
A couple of years away but starting 2025:
-women will ride 4000m IP
-TT for women will increase from 500m to one kilometer
-women's omnium tempo race will increase to 10 km.
-scratch race for men will be reduced from 15 km. to 10 km. ...
personally I was hoping it was going to be increased to the
traditional Commonwealth Games distance of 10 miles (just over
16 km.) for both men and women as the Commonwealth Games
had a scratch race long before the World's did ... and a few times it
was the highlight of the program.