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Wallays & Maes should be interesting for the classics department of any French/Belgian PCT team. Vital Concept, Alpecin, Bingoal... they should not have any problem finding a team.

Van der Sande is also interesting, he could get good results and points in lesser french & belgian races.

I can see Armee at Wanty. Marczinsky might get an option in a Spanish PCT (he lives in Granada and could be an option for Kometa. He would also be an upgrade on any Burgos rider)

For the other riders it will surely be difficult to find a professional contract.
Few weeks back Het Nieuwsblad reported that Wallays was heading to Cofidis, they made it sound like a done deal.
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I hope Circus/Wanty-Gobert find a decent kit. The jersey/top half look like something my racing club wore in 1995. So many sponsors, just randomly slapped on there. Although I just learned what a Wanty-Gobert is. (Wanty is a construction company and Gobert is interior furnishings like flooring and tiles)
Just you wait. In eight years' time their mission will have been completed and Valverde will be the only Spaniard left on the team.
Well... It seems that Acquadro is the agent of ALL Spanish young cyclists...
and "The Frailes Team" (currently known for sponsorship reasons as Movistar) have made promise to San Fermín not to sign any ciclist of Acquadro ;)
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Wanty have 18 riders on contract for next season according to PCS. There are only 6 guys with contract with CCC next year (Zakarin, Koch, Hirt, Valter, Zimmerman and Kochetov), and there are strong rumours about Zakarin to Gazprom and Valter to FdJ if I've understood things correctly.

So there are atleast plenty of space in squad to sign a few good riders, the question is who are availible? Maybe Vanmarcke?
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