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I expected that and I'm not trolling. :tearsofjoy: As soon as someone wrote that the reason he had not raced since lockdown was that he had had some mental problems, I kind of expected he might part ways with the team before 2021.

So fitting to the entire transfer period of EF. At this rate the team will have retained 0 riders by the time the next season starts. ;) In August they had 15 riders confirmed for 2021, now it's October and they have just 13 and still there are more rumours about riders terminating their current contracts than about riders signing new contracts! At this point I fully expect to read somewhere in the next week that Higuita or Bettiol will leave too.
Vanmarcke also has offers from other teams but he's waiting on JV.
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This was the kid who was the superdom during Simmons Junior WCRR race?
Exactly, he got third himself as a first year. He is pretty allround, does some cyclocross but has sadly not really raced this season after march due to corona. Before that he won the Valley of the sun race on junior gears against full grown men and set a new record in the ITT.

It will be interesting to see how and in which direction he develops.
Sep 17, 2020
Yeah I'll believe it when I see it.
I do see few Ineos riders could transfer to UAE. But feel Sivakov, Narvaez, Moscon and TGH sound more realistic than Ganna! I can't see Ineos give up on him now. His celebration the other day was also with love to the logo.
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