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I think he is keeping a bike shop which means he doesn't have to keep in shape.
I can’t say that I blame him. I’ve a lot of time for riders who just don’t fancy spending their lives constantly trying to get more emaciated. It’s got to be a miserable existence being a top GC rider nowadays. I mean it’s a tough sport for a sprinter or rouleur, but it’s just a different level of torture to be a climber/stage racer. Even compared to being Caleb Ewan trying to make the time cut.
Interesting. You see that kind of late start much more often on the women’s side of the sport. Presumably he’s mostly targeting the Olympic track events next season?
He's not one of the seven endurance riders on British Cycling's "Olympic Podium Programme", so barring a bus crash that I hope doesn't happen, he won't be at the Olympics - even if his performances may suggest he should be there. Maybe he's too much of an independent personality for British Cycling.
Don't worry mate. A couple weeks ago I was fired from work and yesterday I was rejected by my dream girl.

I would gladly trade my sparkly CN humor for that.

Or would I really?
Sad to hear. At least the demand is high for high school math teachers and unaffected by covid-19. Unfortunately, maybe not as high in the meat market.

[Your dream girl wasn't one of your students, no? Rules are a bit strict there, when they are under 18]
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Archibald (Katies brother) is a latecomer is cycling and is still improving.
Only able to TT this year as no racing allowed due to UK restrictions and British teams unable to obtain insurance to race in Europe.
Archibald also put in a very solid ride in the Worlds TT at Harrogate last year.

Not sure of any notable domestic results on the road in mass starts for him but as such a latecomer there may be some untapped potential
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Andy Schleck?

Don't say that his knee injury was impossible to overcome.
From what I read it was mostly that Andy didn't think he could compete at the highest level and it was a bit of a relief to be able to walk away from cycling. I don't know his exact medical history but I'd guess his motivation waned a bit as he continued to struggle. is his bike shop. Looks like a fun gig!
What’s he at these days?
Running a bike shop and organizing the Tour of Luxembourg.
He took quite a lot of flak for the downright dangerous route this year....after the also dangerous route last year

To be fair to Hinault, he also retired due to knee problems, that he may have been able to overcome if he had been a pro today.
Nah, he announced 7 years earlier he'd retire on the day he turned 32. And he did.

I know you didn't, I was just pre-empting that possible answer.

I honestly believe it was an excuse because he wanted out. Seeing him after his career ended has only enforced that view.
Definitely. He wasn't motivated even as a pro. He was quoted as asking what the point even was, in 2012. Couldn't even be bothered to be in form for more than one, occasionally two races a season.
Don't worry mate. A couple weeks ago I was fired from work and yesterday I was rejected by my dream girl.

I would gladly trade my sparkly CN humor for that.

Or would I really?
Things will get better. Work on getting a new job. Besides you're in the thread for new jobs. :) The second part will eventually sort its self out.

I'm sure your humor is as great IRL as it is here. You really don't want to trade your humor. :)
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