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So true. With Tadej a favored target he won't be able to free lance off other team's race control in GT's. It would be a waste for Hirschi to be used up as a domestique, though so I hope he gets his classic shots with this cast.
It absolutely would, but he's 22 and has a lot of years ahead of him. There was a time when a rider like Hirschi would have been kept away from GTs until age 23 or 24, so hopefully the plan here is that he has a leadership role in the classics for 2021 and '22.

If he rides the Tour, it will presumably be as a domestique for Pogacar, but what are the chances he rides the Vuelta instead as team leader/stage hunter?
Can start domestique duties for Pogacar in the Tour. A dream come true.

Edit: OK, others have said this. Stupid move IMO. He was king at his former team and could basically do whatever he wanted.
He'll be a marked man this season, whoever he rides with. UAE are a team on the up with (presumably) increased finances, and a stronger roster for this year. If he takes the line at Liege or Lombardia with 2 of Costa, Majka and Formolo on his team, he'll be in a stronger position than whatever support DSM are likely to be able to provide (and probably with a fatter wallet, too).

Of course, there's the Quickstep risk in that situation of being the Boonen/Alaphilippe in the group as his teammate Terpstra/Jungels flies up the road to take a monument he could have won, but it's better than being the Sagan, undisputed king of the team, but alone in the final selection of every big race with everybody else sitting on and expecting him to chase down all the moves.
I dotn know what goes on at Sunweb/DSM but the management seem controlling
However that does bring results as seen in 2020 and really helps young riders develop

And alot of the riders leaving dont seem to mind the control until they become big stars ..strange that

Also if you look at the riders who have left sunweb did they perform afterwards ?

If Hirschi has signed for Ineos, Jumbo or UAE (who else can afford him) he will be a domestique at the Tour with no team working for him ...lets see how that works out

To leave a team like Sunweb were at the Tour is madness imo

Anyway Sunweb will have a replacement or 2 on the the way ...they always do
The only surprise I see in Hirschi news is the timing.
But after recent departures from DSM/Sunweb, could be a neat marketing stunt, too.

If I remember correctly, his agent is Cancellara.
Very few (if any) better than him in directing a 22-year-old all-around prospect.
Pretty similar value for the team, but covers a wider range of Monuments and VAM than the elder Bernese.
And I think all involved have a similar idea discussing the transfer.
If UAE is it for Hirschi then it indeed looks a long term replacement for Ulissi. They must have acted pretty fast with this one. Ulissi might have a hard time coming back then. Heart problems is not an easy thing. Could take a lot of time. It is a 50/50 if he gets back at all I think, without knowing the whole picture and how far they come with tests. If Ulissi is out of the picture for an indefinite time, at least this season, then they have a gap to fill on their roster. He has been a solid performer and winner for them. They have Pog and Kristoff/Trentin/Gaviria but behind there arent that many winners.

If Hirschi will be supporting Pog? I dont think so. They have Conti, Dombrowski, De La Cruz, Formolo, Majka, McNulty, Costa and Polanc.

They will have two of the biggest talents in cycling on their roster nonetheless.

We might get information on this but I wonder if Hirschi and Cancellera were asking for a raise/renegotiation? DSM saying no? Feels a bit weird to just terminate the contract straight up like that. They get nothing. Unless they didnt want to have a potentially disgruntled rider on their team. That it would be detrimental to the team.

Curious case. Things can change quickly.
UAE ==> Emirates money. I think they simply put a great offer on the table, if true. They may have had to buy him out of DSM, or maybe his contract contained an out clause.

Hirschi is a major talent; I can't imagine that UAE signed him to ride as a dom for Pogacar. He can be a contender in most one-day races and go for stages in tours. He might even develop into a GC rider.
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