Tre Valli Varesine 2022 (October 4th)

The last test ahead of Lombardia (RIP Milano-Torino). This is always a good one, just as long as they don't send the front group the wrong way - a shame it's another RAI-only broadcast...


The route
Identical to last year, so I've quoted my OP from that edition below.
The route

Similar to previous years, with one ascent of Casbeno on the run-in, eight laps with Montello (not that one) and Casbeno, and then two 8-shaped laps with Montello, Morosolo, Casciago and Casbeno. Here's the profiles and maps of these circuits:

Short circuit

Long circuit

Better profile:




Casbeno + finish
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The race has re-gained some prestige in the last few years (it was rather bad start-list and winner wise 2007-2014), but before that it was a big deal and was often won by big names. Multiple wins by Gianni Motta, Saronni & Francesco Moser (not to mention Coppi, Bartali and Magni, but they won nearly every Italian semiclassic at some point. Other winners over the years are Eddie, Ballerini, Bugno, Chiapucci, Bontempi, Pascal Richard, Rebellin, Di Luca, Garzelli (twice). It used to be a big deal, looking at the list of the winners it's clearly more impressive than something like Milano-Torino.
You'd think some people would figure out that everyone waiting until the last lap means there are a bunch of domestiques left to chase down every move on said lap. Just like yesterday, the people who can't wait for the sprint have played their cards badly.
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