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The way this is working and how it should work well is pretty different.
Did Hunter Biden commit a crime? Nobody knows yet , preliminary looks from Ukraine and the US so far say no. So I will go with Trump and others,maybe it needs a second look.
Did Rudy Gulliani commit multiple crimes without any question. First can't be working for free for the President. Second he says he was directed by the State department for his actions. His proof is 3 one-three sentence tweets from a State dept. employee. So Rudy says he traveled to Ukraine,set up meetings with Ukrainian officials and brought 3 support personnel..all staying in Ukraine on expenses because of a couple tweets. So again going neutral..that is a very very implausible tale at best, worthy of looking into. Rudy says he just by chance met with arrested commie ex-pats for lunch before they were arrested in the airport holding one way tickets..again the benefit of the doubt, just needs to be looked into.
Another crime and one the important ones on my list,defying a Congressional subpoena..the bold and easy answer,lock him in the micro jail across from Congress until he at a minimum sits to plead the fifth.
If was working as a freelance US government employee, where are the records? If he wasn't acknowledged by the state department..then he is a rouge free agent that was going all over Ukraine saying he was representing the United States when he wasn't. This is not like using a fake blue handicapped ID for up front parking. Approaching a head of state under false pretenses and saying you are the US government probably gets you a little time. Maybe he can email Felicity Huffman or his old pal Dennis Koz!owski's family..to know what items to pack.. Instructions Situation was locked up maybe he can parlay his prison routines into a self help business for Team Trump as they get shackled.
If Rudy and the rest were smart they would fast track all this and play the over under on getting a Trump pardon. If Donald is not elected the get out of jail stuff is gone.
I encourage everyone to look at whatever source you choose for the epic story of Jared Kushner's really crummy father and what he did for years in prison..
All these people are made for each other
So I may need one these non-loons to finish up the Great Again America puzzle.
Start anywhere:
Infant mortality
Access to health care
hospital costs
drug costs
Aging underfunded population..

if you don't want Longview stuff go for recent stuff.
fuel prices.
Education for today's technical non coal mining jobs.
affordable housing

And I guess that burning Trump conundrum..if the economy is so so great..best in history.. Why don't our schools,roads,airports and infrastructure reflect on mass amounts of the dividends of all this prosperity?
If Amazon and others are killing it..non stop job creation..we're is the tax kick in? Where are the piles of tax revenues all these companies are generating?
With corporate earning season upon us..it looks like or streets should be paved w gold..what happened?
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I agree with you that Biden is going to go down. No way he can stay involved with his dementia and then his corruption scandal.
He won't be there at the end because Dems don't want another old, white guy in the WH.. The nominee will be younger, maybe female...Dementia eh? Better look at Herr Don for that. Even his own staff, present and former(who the Farge would want to work for this guy?) thinks he is off the rails. I LOVE it when he talks w/o prepared statements..'lots of sand over there, lots to play with'..about dying and death of the Kurds.
Throw in knuckleheads like mulvaney..yeegads..
Good recap..
Trump is the first reality TV show president. He struggles with facts, truth and real-world choices. He has no discernible moral principles. His instincts, which govern his decisions, are mostly all wrong. His political views tend towards the ignorant, racist, white nationalist far right. The ever-sober New York Times has declared America’s president an “autocrat”. That’s quite something.
Trump is happier on a stage, playing to a crowd – and making it up as he goes along. He was at it again last week in Texas, reliving his greatest campaign hits in front of 20,000 fans wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. He recycled some old Hillary Clinton jokes and attacked critics who say he is not presidential enough. “It’s much easier being presidential,” he scoffed. “All you have to do is act like a stiff!”
I must say that with so many balls in the air, Trump's juggling routine may look exciting to his fans, but to anyone paying attention it's ultra dangerous.
So if Trump is not listening to the world maybe he should,but if that is not possible. Listen to the Americans.
his redo of NAFTA, is not done. His tariff war is spreading. He is using the nuclear option regularly and when it hits the fan Trump looks to the Federal Reserve to pull out a dose of Narcan and revive an overdosed patient. It's not going to work. American workers are starting to wake up and smell the cat food ..teachers, auto workers, and others are getting a real world look at things. Not campaign sales numbers but numbers based on their personal reality. And all this " the economy is the best it's ever been " just isn't playing for everyone.
And I think that the age disconnect is coming to light and revealing some ugly. I watched and read some things about the Chicago teachers strike and even a jaded soul like mine was surprised. Older people didn't understand that the school nurse doesn't exist in many places.Don't understand about school lunch programs..for the most part think that Home economics and health, physical education, art and music are still in school on top of how to write code and robotics. A few old folks I saw interviewed didn't really wrap their heads around the issue of school counselor roles..so them baffled by that probably put kids doing active shooter drills and parents voluntarily introducing mumps,whooping cough, measles and polio back into the school environment probably whoosh over their heads.
Old people think teachers are sending notes home.
Our President described children being blown up and burned to death in Syria as the equivalent of a school yard brawl that will often times work itself out.
And one thing that I think Trump better stop and solve is Boeing. One stock index includes Boeing stock on a graduated scale. Boeing is a huge employer and the fuel for some of the biggest economies in the US. The North West and S.Cal are taking a big hit now and w more and more bad news it's anybody's guess if this can really be solved. China and others look like they may choose other manufacturers. Boeing may make things..really big expensive planes that very few want to buy.
Ford,GM and Fiat all saying that cars..at least some of them are not selling..production to cease. Better hope planes are still selling Donald..
Aerospace not Doral is what you better be paying attention to..
Feel free to comment Scott!!!
I kept thinking Merckx would respond to this article because he’s such a thoughtful and rigorous poster.

But no

Oh! And acutely self aware.
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It is a tough world out here.

Thank God for a president like Trump.
.....Said every country sitting on excess fossil fuel reserves. Oh...and those wishing to meet God in some sort of Final Conflagration in hopes they'll meet their maker. Disappointment may be their destiny when they get to meet Donald for eternity and their is no A/C. Americans hate it when it's too hot.
I can't really understand how Trump can receive praise for his daily work output. Or how someone anyone can write. " thank God for a President like Trump.
pick a day any day.
Donald did...blank
on that same day let's say Donald did something over the top fantastic. Save some tiny kittens from being run over by a truck. Let's say he signed something spectacular on health care,student loan debt, child education, immigration reform, set aid to someplace that needs it food, disaster relief.
on any day that he did anything good he would have embarrassed us as Americans on both style and substance.
He would have lied on that day, it's almost a 100% statistically probable. The guy lied about the weather..he lied about banging porn stars, he lied about lies he told to world leaders,we have it written and recorded.
so sure you could praise him." Boy Hitler has a great short game. He is putting lights out! And did you see him hold that shot out of the sand trap on 12!! "
" if he spent less time gassing Jews he could make the PGA!! "
No matter what Trump does it's cancelled by throwing paper towels at people who are desperate.
Cancelled by putting kids in cages.
Anything Donald does is nullified by comments he made during WWII vet memorial ceremony. Cancelled by what he said about who caught ISIS fighters. Trump good cancelled out when he comments on Obama writing a book(s) or signing production deal with Netflix.
Donald did - -- - great today despite lying about Russia,Syria,Ukraine.Doral Country Club, NAFTA, about Kurds or civilization being enamored and grateful for his bold yet thoughtful diplomatic behavior.
I sometimes think Trump huffs paint or is roasting a bowl of crystal meth before talking to the press. The guy is gone.
Our allies are having emergency meetings about how a massive wave of refugees will ,not if, effect them. Trump says "so what,not our problem"
View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g_sG7N7pJ6g&t=3s
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In the last month Johnson has been found to have acted illegally, and in doing so pulled the Queen into the political sphere because she enacted his illegal act. He has had to be taken to court and a court ruling issued to ensure he obeys the law on another issue.

He has presented a bill which creates a border within the UK (Northern Ireland) despite saying a few months ago that it was unconscionable that anyone would.

He has whipped up a populist campaign which threatens the judiciary and the parliament.

On top of that he is being investigated for corruption.

Some Prime Minister.

To bring it back to US, here is a recent view from the States:

View: https://twitter.com/davidhall111/status/1154124766803947520?s=09