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Those are entirely reasonable sources. The question though, was whether you apply the "O'Donnell lied" (quotes mine) standard to all the media you consume. Listing some factual and relatively centrist sites doesn't answer that question.

The New York Times for example, has had some issues with writers who make things up, but the "Factual" rating from that site is still (rightly) HIGH.

Fair and correct to be critical of media lies. Hard to imagine how one could be a fan of Trump with this sort of philosophy, however. Either one objects to lies or one excuses them. Can't be a Trump fan and complain about some left-wing pundit making something up at some point in the past. Trump literally wouldn't last 5 minutes by that standard. The right has, IMO, utterly abdicated any moral standing on this issue.

Not an argument a Trumpist can make with any credibility. Would it be fair to say your'e a fan of the President? Seems like you're touting him quite a bit on here.
But who is fact checking the fact checkers?
View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CyOSZ1fLWtI

To laugh at ourselves is really all we have left. Trump specializes in 180..people hurling potatoes,tomatoes and rocks..holding up signs filled with insults..Trump version " the Kurds are very happy ".
I remember wetting myself when George Bush Light put on a flight suit and proudly proclaimed " Mission accomplished!! "
We see how accurate and azzinine, he was but Trump has somehow made Bush look smart..
Ghost nobody wants you banned..especially before Halloween!!
The big stupid orange pumpkin costume is taken and Donald doesn't do favors.
please watch that video sequence from Trump..if you need to hear it from the horse's mouth..or another horse hole Donnie doesn't disappoint!!
Don't know if you ever notice a few Trumpisms, that are worthy of personal pondering..who are the people Trump claims compliment him? Why never a name? All the big tough men, roughnecks from oil rigs or miners that Trump claims started crying in front of him out of the absolute deepest state of gratitude..why no video? No photos? No names? No witnesses to all this messy over the top awe he keeps claiming is common place?
You don't think he's makin' it up do you?
Trump is a walking talking hoax
Is there any doubt that Trump has taken all of Putin? Do you think that there are photos of Donald holding the Russian' s hog before swallowing it whole?
Maybe it's just the peee, tape that has Trump bending over backwards for Vladimir but I think it's more
Ghost,the receipts? Trump just removed US troops,bombed our positions including ammunition dumps. He had left them behind,started seeing humiliating footage of enemies basically dancing around laughing and grinning from ear to ear at an obvious American misstep.
The question you would have to ask President Trump, during your phone call with the President of Turkey, the call in which it was agreed that US forces would immediately retreat from held territory, during that call did the Turkish Tool tell you that within days Turkey planned a strategic partnership with Russia?
No matter how Dooosh, Don answers. There are a few things that are absolute, the instant alliance between Russia and Turkey is reason enough for sanctions to remain in place.
Also absolute is Trump's (mis)understanding of what action Turkey was going to take is profound. @250,000 people,women and children in flux because the turkeys created an instant war zone without advanced notice.I

Trump holding a pop up news conference to reward Turkey for good behavior just days after Trump scribbled a dumb note about being a fool and possibly destroying the Turkish economy because of things Trump considered out of bounds is phukin' .absolutely crazy!
Either in front of our face or behind our backs, Turkey went waaaaaay. out of behavioral bounds with the Russian stand in action. Trump is a complete chump, he has been had by everyone involved. Iran,Syria,Russia,Turkey all getting a belly laugh at a mistake that not even a freshman statesman could commit.
If you need a written receipt for Trump' s trip ups the ground is littered with them the world over.
Trump is a walking bag of warm schit.
No, but the fact you're trying to get me banned suggests you don't like reality being posted on this forum.
Here's some reality for you...
It was all there — the quid, the pro, the quo, the whole sordid scheme laid out end-to-end and narrated capably by a career foreign service officer who is obviously about 300 times brighter and better than any of the dim bulbs who carried out the extortion scheme.
The bigger picture is this: The president of the United States is a corrupt, oafish criminal willing to twist American foreign policy to benefit his re-election prospects, and willing to brazenly violate the law and abuse the powers of his office to do so. In a sane country with properly functioning political institutions and parties, this maniac would be forced to slink out of the White House tomorrow and hold his arms out for the handcuffs. That he still has, as of today, the support of both his congressional sycophants as well as the enthusiastic admiration of his rank-and-file voters suggests that this country is much more vulnerable to a slow-motion authoritarian takeover than even the most alarmist critics suspected at the outset of this nightmare presidency.

You old enough to remember Watergate? I am and this is adios-nixon, version 2...how do ya like Pence? Assuming he gets the GOP nod at the convention?
Is there any doubt that Trump has taken all of Putin? Do you think that there are photos of Donald holding the Russian' s hog before swallowing it whole?
Maybe it's just the peee, tape that has Trump bending over backwards for Vladimir but I think it's more
So when exactly was implemented as a Russian agent, or blackmailed by Russia?
Check this out. Here is Russian agent Adam Schiff doing what he says the president did.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3Rut64GDgA
The lawyers for Ukrainian Oligarch Dimitry Firtash also represent columnist John Solomon, who published many of the Biden-ghazi claims (and also the Uranium One story) in the Hill.

Seems Solomon had hired the lawyer at least a few years back. Is it illegal for a lawyer to represent more than one person?

Politico and the Hill have a "least biased" rating from media bias fact check https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-hill/ https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/politico/ Solomon seems like a level headed reporter to me.