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U23 races and talents

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Re: Giro Ciclistico della Valle d'Aosta Mont Blanc

Logic-is-your-friend said:
Almost time for the

56° Giro Ciclistico della Valle d'Aosta Mont Blanc
July 16th - 21st

Starts with a flat 2.7km prologue, followed by 5 hard mountain stages.






Seems more attractive than the course of that bigger race in France.
Ardila already had the knee problems durning the u23 Giro, then Matxin was helping the Colombian team out, apparently UAE are in pole position to sign him.
About Aosta, I guess Rubio will be the big favourite, maybe Bagioli has recovered and is in decent shape to put up a fight.
The Champex-Lac is the greatest designed short stage we've seen in years, and it's an espoir race where it's the normal kind of length.

That said, it's still an awesome-looking stage, and who in their right mind would be surprised by a good stage in the GDVDA (even if this is one of the stages outside Aosta)? All you need to do is add Ovronnaz mid-stage to make for an epic WT stage anyway. This is what the Valdôtain/Valais bid for Le Tour should be about (imagine the third stage of that trifecta, after Pila-Ciel-Bleu and Verbier-after-GSB MTFs, is that, but instead of the MTF at Champex, you go over Forclaz to finish at Chamonix!).

I also love how in an espoir race, Petite-Forclaz is a cat.3, while it was cat.1 in Romandie!!!
Re: Re:

Bushman said:
Logic-is-your-friend said:
Seems like the jury messed up. Hindsgaul Madsen won in a time that is 25 seconds slower than the time they had for Van Wilder. Something must have gone wrong, since they are giving the win to Hindsgaul Madsen.

25 seconds slower on 2.7 km? That sounds strange.

They messed up the timing table. According to their new result, Van Wilder is 5s slower, so he probably started 30 seconds sooner/later than planned.

01 Jacob Hindsgaul Madsen 2000 Denmark Denmark 03:17
02 Daan Hoole 1999 Netherlands SEG Racing Academy +01
03 Antonio Puppio 1999 Italy Kometa Cycling Team +01
04 Daniel Tulett 1999 Great Britain Team Wiggins-Le Col +02
05 Mads Kristensen 1998 Denmark Denmark +02
06 Stan Van Tricht 1999 Belgium GM Recycling Team +03
07 Lennart Jung 2000 Germany Hermann Radteam +03
08 Miguel Heidemann 1998 Germany Hermann Radteam +04
09 Théo Nonnez 1999 France Continental Groupama-FDJ +04
10 Ide Schelling 1998 Netherlands SEG Racing Academy +05
11 Maxime Chevalier 1999 France V.C.Pays de Loudéac +05
12 Ilan Van Wilder 2000 Belgium Lotto - Soudal U23 +05
13 Stefano Oldani 1998 Italy Kometa Cycling Team +06
14 Cristian Scaroni 1997 Italy Continental Groupama-FDJ +06
15 Maxim Van Gils 1999 Belgium Lotto - Soudal U23 +06
16 Samuele Battistella 1998 Italy Dimension Data CT +06
17 Simon Guglielmi 1997 France Continental Groupama-FDJ +06
18 Ben Healy 2000 Ireland Team Wiggins-Le Col +07
19 Barnabas Peak 1998 Hungary SEG Racing Academy +07
20 Victor Bykanov 1998 Russia Team Cinelli +08

Rubio losing 15 seconds, Bagioli losing 14 seconds.
Schelling and Vansevenant are ahead in the first stage. But apparently, the peloton has taken a wrong turn on the climb, and now everybody has been stopped, but the race still hasn't been neutralized. Lol...

EDIT: finally:
++ Neutralization of the race ++
Due to a route mistake of the bunch, the head of the race is stopped. Everybody restart the race with the last registered delay.

EDIT2: back underway... after maybe 20 minutes of neutralization.
Re: Re:

Logic-is-your-friend said:
LaFlorecita said:
Logic-is-your-friend said:
This has turned into a true cluster****. The peloton is over 10 minutes down!

EDIT: Schelling wins the sprint of 3.
Lol... That's ridiculous

At the top of the last climb, the peloton was 15 minutes down. This is now a 3 man race between Schelling, Vansevenant and Chevalier.
Sounds like the peloton have boycotted the stage and are riding at cyclotourist pace
1º Ide Schelling NED Seg Racing Academy 03:40:18
2º Maxime Chevalier FRA VC Pays de Loudéac
3º Mauri Vansevenant BEL EFC-L&R-Vulsteke 00:02
4º Adam Hartley GBR Seg Racing Academy 01:21
5º Simon Guglielmi FRA Groupama – Fdj Continental Team 01:51
6º Jeppe Aaskov Pallesen DEN Danimarca 02:25
7º Jeremy Bellicaud FRA Bourgogne / Franche-Comté 02:34
8º Thomas Devaux FRA Bourgogne / Franche-Comté
9º Celestin Leyman BEL EFC-L&R-Vulsteke 04:23

All from the break I guess.
Some rumours are saying the peloton finished 46 minutes down... which is complete *** imho. I checked my stopwatch, and clocked them at roughly 15 minutes on the top of the climb. Which would mean they had to lose an additional 31 minutes on a 6km descent.

EDIT: So what happened: The gap between the head of the race and the first peloton was 3m30s, with chasers in between at 1m30s. At this time there already were many riders dropped in the peloton on the earlier climbs forming groups behind the first peloton.

The first peloton is being misdirected off course, and the race gets neutralized. The leaders get a 3m30s headstart, the chasers get a 1m30s headstart... but the guys that were dropped from the peloton, they get to join the rest of the peloton. The guys from the 1st peloton don't agree with this decision and boycot the race out of protest.