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Notable riders: Kopecky, Wiebes, Persico, Georgi, Consoni, Ralini, Longho Borghini, Garcia
Last year it was Longho Borghini who won the first edition.



Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN (or whatever is the alternative now).


Full startlist:
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Let's hope the winD can create some drama. With Kool being sick it looks like Wiebes will win 3 stages, unless she can suddenly climb, too, and it'll be 4 instead.

We obviously don't have a full start list yet, although I do think all the riders have arrived by now.
If ELB and Realini have the same levels as last year, they'll be hard to beat once again. However I'm not sure that is the case. And if Kopecky can climb like she did on Tourmalet, she has a chance as well. Especially if she can pick up bonus seconds along the way.

I hope we'll get a time trial and/or Hatta Dam in the next edition.

Looking at the route for the men's race, the finishing circuit they'll ride on stage 1 seems like something that might be better suited for this race.
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It's quite difficult to beat the best sprinter in the world when she has the best possible lead out, but as usual the other teams were not exactly making it difficult for them either. Barbieri did a good sprint, so it could have been interesting if she had led out Kool, although my CQ team don't mind that she's now getting the nod instead.

I hope the other teams will ride more aggressively tomorrow. Just because they have sprinters, they don't have to wait for and/or keep it together for a sprint.
Consonni and Baker did good sprints when you consider they were on the right hand side facing the wind - In saying that they would have not beated Wiebes. The sprinter I would have liked at the race is Woolaston but surprisingly AG Insurance chose not to ride this race, especially when they could have brough Gigante for GC.
Still disappointed that AG Insurance did not attend this race - Baker of Liv Alula Jayco has been competitive with 2 fourths, yet, she was demolished by Woolaston in the TDU - And of course Jabel Hafeet should be a climb that suits Gigante. An opportunity missed.