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UCI Headquarters, Pat McQuaid and Staff

Aug 17, 2009
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OK what does the UCI look like inside? What is Pat's office look like? Any pictures of him in his office? I couldn't find any with a quick look on google images. Building looks modern and high tech. Any interior shots?

What about the restaurant? Pics? Menu? Does Pat pay for his food there?

Does Pat take a salary or just donations? Or both? :cool: How does he earn a living? Does Pat have a personal assistant?

What is Pat's email address? Contact UCI only goes to admin@uci.ch - a high wall to reach anybody inside. Compare that to your local municipal government.

What does Pat do in his day? How many days was he in the office last year?

What about the UCI staff, how many people work there at Headquarters? One hundred or so I hear? Is their a staff organization chart or something available?

What do staff think about Pat and Hein? Have any moles from UCI posted here and spoke about their boss? Or anywhere else? I have been here for more than a few years, I can't think of any UCI staff, the people behind the leaders, saying anything.

Just a bunch of questions that have been lingering in my head...
Aug 24, 2010
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Heard from one former employee that meeting Verbruggen was like having someone walk over your grave. Or something similarly Voldemortish. :) he had an office there at the time. Assume he still does. Since being on the management committee is for life . (See bike pure proposal.)