UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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I wish Rob and Bart would put in a little bit more study of the athletes. For instance, Bart didn't even know Tom Pidcock was the reigning CX World Champion when Pidcock did his first XCO race this year. That's embarrassing. Bart can't really be a fan of cycling if he didn't know that.
that's a rather strange thing for him to miss... usually he has plenty of insight... mostly historical though.

seems i finally will have to buy the esp player subscription cause i can't imagine missing some decisive move in the race because of commercial and we all know there'll be at least 1 commercial break during each lap :(
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Rob Warner is a must, along with having actually been a mountain biker, he just brings the right vibe for the sport.
I wonder if Discovery will go for him; he's still under contract to Red Bull - and he does more than just MTB for them. This weekend is an example; he's hosting the coverage of the RB Erzbergrodeo, a round of the Hard Enduro World Championship....It wouldn't surprise me if he becomes the host for that series as it grows, and more rounds get live coverage.
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MvdP has been doing a lot of his Tour de France training on his MTB per Strava. Today was a VO2max day. It will be interesting to see how this works out for him when he goes stage hunting for wins at the Tour in July.
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