UCI reaction to EF Pro Cycling Kit

OK Rules are rules that is a given, however seeing how rules can be and are often are, "viewed very flexibly" when it suits certain "interested parties"I think the UCI response to the EF ProCycling kits is heavy-handed, short-sighted and frankly ludicrous.
Cycling desperately needs to attract new blood young people, and more money, the professed claims the UCI want to ensure the sport become more "global" starts to ring very hollow when they wade in to grab yet more cash from hard-pressed teams by enforcing things like this.
Especially when demonising kit that is very likely to appeal to the young blood the sport needs to attract (Its not my cup of tea, but I can imagine it would appeal to a large number of young people), yet at the same time the UCI make almost no movement towards addressing racism or diversity in cycling it is actions like this by sanctioning bodies that prove, just how disconnected and remote they remain from the harsh financial realities the teams face and cyclings dire need to appeal to and support young people but like ALL sanctioning bodies (And I have first-hand professional experience of working with some of them) they focus on the low hanging fruit to secure their own control first and foremost.
1 - the UCI obviously cares more about unimportant details than the things they should really deal with, or rather, those things are easier for them and they can show they are "doing" something
2 - it's a sum I would be very annoyed to lose, but for a team it's not really a big sum
3 - I doubt whether this kit appeals to young people. What age group are we talking about? Children, yes, above that, no. Most of the teenagers in 2020 are wearing really, really inconspicious clothing - simple jeans, a simple shirt, a simple jacket - usually without any wild patterns. They like to look the same. They like to dress low-key. I would like to see some figures for that.
It's designed to be retro in style to reminisce about 1990s skateboard fashion. Most of the people who would dig it on that basis are now in their upper 30s to mid 40s, like JV himself.
Kind of, but Palace stuff still sells to current skateboard people. It‘s a clever brand to do a stunt with. Currently popular retro styles capture two markets at once. That said, given the demographic likely to spend money on road cycling kit, the popularity of this stuff among current skateboarders just serves as reassurance to the 40 yr old nostalgics that their tastes are still relevant.