UCI survey

That survey is pretty informative.

UCI working on new media-friendly race format.
UCI killing off traditional events for far-flung ones where nobody shows up to watch. The emphasis on "new events"/globalization is omnipresent.
They like their points hierarchy thing. They more, or less, like the way they select the most elite teams.
"Awareness" of anti-doping really the key thing they are testing.
I had to laugh at the mention of an anti-doping tribunal.
The questions about their television coverage were interesting.

I was fascinated by the first two pages that basically list what the UCI does already and then asks your opinion about whether or not the UCI should be doing these things. If not them then???
Maybe they do what Thom at USAC did and impoverish/disempower the IOC-affiliated rules-making body and siphon off all the money to another organization that does not have to honor UCI/IOC rules.

At least they gave an honorary page to Women's cycling.
Oct 16, 2010
skippy said:
Those of you that have 20 mins go here to add your voice !


Plenty of opportunity to voice your input on " PIED Products "!
I like your commitment, skippy. keep it up.
that whole survey ****es me off though. what a blunt joke.
keeping the fans for blunt fools.
really, who do they think they are, and who do they think we are?

Already called for nein & phat mc splat to be offed !
Jan 30, 2011
skippy said:
Already called for nein & phat mc splat to be offed !
Me too, every comment box I could.

I think the outcome is already a white wash and this survey will change nothing. It's only an opportunity for the UCI to be seen to be doing something.

Where was the question about scrapping of the UCI independent commission? where was the question about should the allegations of USADA be investigated? where was the question about accountability mechanisms for senior management in the UCI?

There are a whole lot of questions that would have been more informing to the current situation. Instead they focus on globalisation, team selection and what we feel we know about anti-doping initiatives. Very little of any substance.

My 0.02.


Dec 9, 2011
That was heartbreaking.

What the **** does 'cycling being an environmentally friendly sport' have anything to do with the current state of the professional sport?

Cancel independent commission and put up this survey. Its the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

In a way it gives a view inside Pat's head - completely pointless rubbish.
D-Queued said:
Thanks for highlighting this. Best 20 minutes I have spent on cycling, on or off the bike in years.

indeed, it took me a while to complete the whole thing voicing all my opinions on anti doping and race organization but at least it feels like i have done something to improve cycling. . . although i highly doubt anything will change ofc :eek:
Mar 10, 2009
Aghhh... I feel a lot better now, hopefully they won't ban me from their site :D

I went off on the first opportunity, didn't think they'd give me another shot but found more opportunities, but I had cooled off after the second one. :)
May 26, 2009
Those of you that FORGOT to tell UCI what you think of them , better respond NOW !

WADA-AMA ‏@wada_ama
Reminder: 3rd & final consultation phase of review process for WADA Code & Intl Standards ends today at midnight GMT http://bit.ly/VswBiB

Wonder if phat mc splat will read his " fan mail "?

No limit to entries either , just a question of venting the options !
Aug 27, 2012
Done the UCI survey. 3000 people so far according to UCI; unless UCI is rigging this themselves with fake entries, Clinicians may be able to make a difference. If Deloitte can be trusted... I would have preferred to see this done independently rather than a hired consultant.

Some good questions in here, but also some glaring omissions (a bit like the scope of the recent independent commission) which makes one wonder on the objectives (yet again).