Ukraine need help!

Mar 7, 2022
Hello, everyone. Do not remain indifferent. We really need the help of the world against the war with fascist Russia! They, under the cover of imperial and Nazi slogans, sneakily attacked Ukraine at 4-5 am. There was no declaration of war, they just started a rocket attack! They introduced tanks and artillery, occupied our airspace and began bombing civilians. Look at what is happening in Kharkov, Kiev, and Mariupol - they are simply razing peaceful cities to the ground and killing civilians! It does not matter at all what language people speak or what God they believe in - they simply DESTROY THE PEOPLE, the unarmed population!!!! Children, women, old people, men - ALL of them.

I can't fight, my leg was injured before the war. I can't run, I can hardly walk. If I can write on this forum, I do it. At least I'm doing something.

We're scared, you know? We are very scared. Yes, Ukraine's military is very good, they are holding back one of the most powerful armies in the world! For almost two weeks now, little Ukraine has been holding back these moral freaks.

We all thank the countries of the world for their support in money and arms. We are very grateful to you for that! But it's not enough, unfortunately....

The Russian Army has sneakily bombed our military airfields with our warplanes. And even the surviving planes are fighting back, shooting down enemy planes every day. But there are just more of them!!!

Please! We really need the help of the world. Don't be afraid of you fascist Russia! It can only beat the weak and the small. In a fight with an equal it will sit on its ass and forget about its imperial ambitions forever!!!

Please, Ukraine needs help! Go to your ombudsman, your senator or congressman - let them help us close our skies, let them help us with tanks and warships! We need help! Does the whole world want another fascist country on the planet? Wasn't 1939-1945 enough for you? Today the fascists are Russia!

Please help Ukraine, we are very afraid! Every day bombs and shells fly over residential areas, schools, kindergartens, churches. Every day peaceful people die!!!

I heard that being afraid of nuclear war is Putin's fairy tale. He is the one who told this fairy tale to scare everyone! If he orders a nuclear strike, no one will carry out that order because he is not the one pushing the button.

But as soon as Putin realizes that a strong enemy is at war against him, his balls will immediately become very small. It is against the weak and strong that he can be so brave!

Please help Ukraine! We made our choice back in 2014 when we had our revolution! We don't want to be with Russia, we want to live free and peaceful!!!

Sorry for the mistakes, I am writing with the help of a translator.