Upgrade MTB bike somewhere around 1300 euros HELP

Jan 21, 2022
Hello guys, im begginer in mountain riding. Now ive been riding bicycle like 2 years somewhere whit pauses, last year i upgraded to Scott Aspect 960 L, now this year i want to upgrade something stronger, cause i feel not comfotable with this one driving in woods etc. Myself im more aggresive driver.
Help me to choose something between, also would be nice to get full suspension, but i don't know if it is good idea to buy for money like this.
If that helps my height is 1.81 cm 80kg
Also i was looking this bike, thats why i figuared out to i need to write for help :grinning:
I know several people who have purchased Ghost bike at REI and been happy with them, but I can't help much more than that because I've never ridden one. Try surfing youtube for video reviews of bikes that interest you. Hopefully they say things that give you clues to how you might like or not like a bike. Happy Trails!
It's a respectable brand and you can't do much with the budget you are around (and with the ongoing supply shortage) - you can always upgrade parts after the original ones are no longer usable. Frame wise it should be OK as it is a respectable brand with enough experience...
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