Velocast ups their game with Eurosport

Jul 10, 2010
JIC you haven't heard, Velocast has gone pro this year, with Eurosport sponsoring. I'm posting in the clinic because John and Scott are outspoken when they think there are issues.

I thought the podcast was brilliant before, but with the new backing, they've gone supernova brilliant.

I just spent a couple of hours listening to their reviews of the spring races I've already watched - and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Mar 12, 2010
Like both guys and really enjoy their podcasts, and chuffed for John especially that he is now able to make a living doing what he loves instead of getting up at 4am to deliver mail.

That said, on doping, they are fairly sterile. They do broach it, and discuss it in a fairly formal way, but underneath both, especially John are old romantics. I had to wince on the episode they discussed Cippollini. They raised Mario's defence that he was willing to take a DNA test and they both wholeheartedly said that would end the matter for once and for all. Except of course, it wouldn't, even the less informed amongst us know the bags are mainly from 2006, by which time Mario had retired. And even then, there are no bags in evidence for "Maria"

They do address it, which is more than more mainstream journalists, but they can be fairly sterile in their approach. But then, they would'nt have got the job with Eurosport if they had been trolls.