Jul 21, 2012

Velon has listed its core ideas and objectives as being:

1) A more exciting sport: looking for a race calendar that tells a season long story, and is better understood by a growing international fan base, with more entertaining racing for the fans.

2) New technology: bring the race alive from the rider’s perspective, showing the fans what it’s like from the saddle.

3) Underpinned by sustainable, credible teams the fans can follow now and long into the future. Creating a new, better economic future for the sport, through collective action and increased co-operation between the teams and other stakeholders.
Your move Cookson.
Jul 21, 2012
Brailsford and Dawg are on board.

Team Principal Sir Dave Brailsford proved a key figure in Velon’s formation, and said: “Collaboration is the cornerstone to positive change and this is very exciting for professional cycling. It’s a big step towards the sport reaching its full potential.
Chris Froome is looking forward to racing under the new banner, and added: “As we can see from official figures, the popularity of cycling is continuing to grow.
So, they want a share of the profits without taking any of the risks that race organisers take. That sounds fair.

Given how many races over the past few years that have had financial problems, how many have been bailed out by the teams clubbing together to help out with the costs?

Many of the problem with cycling are caused by these same teams taking drugs and making the sport a mockery. Sticking a camera on a bike isn't going to fix those problems.

Invite half a dozen top French / Spanish / Belgian amateur teams to the Tour and it'll be just as good.
the sceptic said:
Underpinned by sustainable, credible teams the fans can follow now and long into the future
Ok, lets look up those teams.

Belkin Pro Cycling, BMC Racing Team, Garmin-Sharp, Lampre-Merida, Lotto-Belisol, Omega Pharma – Quick-Step, Orica-GreenEDGE, Team Giant-Shimano, Team Sky, Tinkoff-Saxo and Trek Factory Racing.
Too little, too late.

If the teams acted together then they could essentially heavily promote second-tier events and get some renumeration from that. But, the UCI reforms have been demoting second-tier events for years now so the only thing left is not much.

And then there's the simple fact the UCI controls the calendar, what race gets what sanction, fees associated with putting on any race and more. The same tools they've been using to eliminate races for years now.

Or, these teams go outside the UCI to produce a race. Which, would be fun to watch and end badly for everyone but the UCI, ASO and RCS. They have no clue how much that production technology costs. Running a WT team is comparatively cheap. Even Rhis, the OPQS guy and Tinkoff will get nervous with the money flowing out and nothing coming back.

IMO they don't have to "race" as much as produce fun rides. Imagine if 6-10 WT riders showed up at a fun ride and actually hung around the event. That could turn a solid profit too. That would infuriate the UCI endlessly.

than reality imo.

Instead of adding lipstick with on head cams etc, the teams must ask themselves: why are the Ardennes races dull? Other races too.

Could it be that the teams ride too defensively? Too controlled?
Solve that problem and fans will be excited again.
Granville57 said:
Maybe there should be a petition for a more exciting logo?

Typical logo designed by an intern. It means nothing, does nothing and will never be more than nothing.

As I've said before, cycling teams should realize that the TV money that goes in the organizers pocket is the very reason they are able to attract multi-million dollar sponsors. Upsetting the current balance is suicidal, teams are doing better than races.
Another set of ideas around homogenizing everything and letting the moneyed teams get their sway, "sustainable teams at the top" meaning nobody can join the top table, just like Vaughters' 10-year-franchise idea a few years ago.

Cookson has a bunch of stupid ideas. Velon has a bunch of stupid ideas.

The current cycling model is a LONG way from being perfect. It seems both parties want to change cycling into something horrible, they're just arguing over which method to use to carve its heart out, the scalpel or the chainsaw.
Granville57 said:
Maybe there should be a petition for a more exciting logo?

Looks like they're flying a metaphorical kite.

But in any case, where's the money to carve up? It just isn't there. Cycling is a poor sport with very limited funding streams, often funded by government grants or diversion of lottery money/tax.

There are no paying spectators in stadiums (OK very few limited examples of the VIP boxes), merchandising isn't exactly massive, and TV broadcasters are hardly falling over themselves to negotiate multi billion $ broadcast rights. Heck in some countries you have to pay the TV broadcaster to show the event.

It's like seagulls fighting over scraps.
Jun 15, 2009
Archibald said:
is this meant to be the cycling version of football's G14?
It´s meant the cycling version of MLB. Just have a look at the "Steroid Era"... Then you´ll know what you get. It will be ugly... Basically it´s the end of cycling. Benotti always thinks of cycling as a WWE circus. It never was, but now it will become. Good night, and good luck...
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