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Velonews article on how amnesty may work...

May 29, 2012
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JMBeaushrimp said:

Thanks for posting. The following isn't a criticism of the article - the 'Editor’s Note' prompted me to highlight the UCI's changing views on amnesty/T&R.

World cycling considers introducing doping amnesty (AP, Sep 7, 2012):
I think there's room for it and I think the UCI could do well to (introduce it)," McQuaid said. "It's a subject I will bring up myself at the management committee of the UCI and it's something which we would look into possibly doing.

UCI backs off amnesty idea for doping in cycling (AP, Sep 21, 2012):
...no point in continuing to re-examine the past of then undetectable doping and stigmatize the sport of the young generations now that the situation has considerably improved through the UCI's continued efforts.

UCI agrees to strip Armstrong of his 7 Tour titles (AP, Oct 22, 2012):
A so-called "Truth and Reconciliation" commission, which could offer a limited amnesty to riders and officials who confessed to doping practices, will also be discussed, UCI legal adviser Philippe Verbiest said.
A better article than most - although TRC should never be confused with amnesty. Amnesty and amnesia is what happened in Spain after Franco.

What I don't think comes out of the article is that punishment was only one aim of TRC (and also the South American post-Junta trials) but also about uncovering the truth about what had previously been hidden.

It is not enough to say 'I doped' but the aim of TRC is to uncover the networks and methods through which corrupt/subverting practices were allowed to flourish.

In other words TRC would have to have the power and range to include everyone involved in cycling from Armstrong, to the doctors, DSs, authorities, media, to Motoman, sponsors etc