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Video interviews = lazy journalism

Jun 10, 2009
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Who else is sick of the trend for web sites to put up headlines that link to nothing but a video of an interview?


"Here, in this exclusive video he talks about the stage break and Michael Rogers - his teammate - taking the overall lead"

So what does he say? Anything remotely enlightening? Without watching the sodding video who can know?

'Rich media' is all very well, and this isn't about being a luddite; I have no objection to video per se, but who has the time to watch every 1:18" video to get a story that one could read in a couple of seconds?

I for one only bother with videos when the video serves a purpose, i.e. conveys a message that can only be conveyed pictorially. If it's just a picture of two people talking, who cares? It smacks of lazy journalism, and using "look at me, I'm so clever I can do video!" to distract from the likelihood that nothing worth reporting was actually said.

So please, CN, if you're posting a video interview, make sure you provide a corresponding textual report or transcript. (I might add that doing so would also be good form with respect to accessibility of the site to deaf people).
Oct 18, 2009
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tell me about
CN advertize great things with their flash headlines and spoilers but the articles underneath are always empty husks and not even worth 5 seconds of your time.