Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana 2023 (February 1-5)

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Can Intermarché stop already.

Kooij lacked speed there, probably the climbs.
Girmay looked fast tho, I don't think he can win a race like Flanders, but MSR....

Was Movistar going for the 10-5-3 UCI points or what were they doing lmao?
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Someone forgot to tell them this race doesn't follow the structure of Mallorca.

Masterclass in sprinting backwards by Wright by the way, he has work to do ahead of the classics.
Lol was thinking the same, Arkea does this in 1.Pro races, not 2.Pro. I mean in the end they stil got like 18 points, it's not like they can win a sprint with Cortina anyways. It just looks stupid tho.
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