Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana 2023 (February 1-5)

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Did he ever showed he is fast enough to win a sprint in this big of a group? He is not slow, but far from the fast guys (proper sprinters, MVDP, Wout, Pedersen etc.), so I can see him winning a sprint of 4-5 guys or bigger group if most of them are climbers.
Not saying he should be beating Girmay in a race like this, but I would expect him to be able to beat the likes of Ciccone, Bendixen and Soto in a sprint...
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Watch out for Tom Gloag today, Van Der Sande said he was flying in the training camp in Calpe and he has looked very good at Cumbres del Sol
On the flip side for Jumbo, Oomen has failed to make this 40-rider peloton. A shame he's never properly recovered from his iliac artery surgery, may be time to pack it in at the end of the year for him given that he's out of contract.
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