Jun 19, 2009
Name the current 10 best climbers:

Name the current 10 best sprinters:

Name the current 10 best time trialists:

Name the current 10 best GC's:
Mar 11, 2009
Jasper said:
What he said

we could help him a little:

the 2 best climbers are kenny van hummel and peter wrolich

the 2 best sprinters are amets txurruka and mauricio ardilla

the 2 best time trialist are lloyd mondory and wouter weylandt

the two guys finishing 1st and 2nd will probably be steven de jongh and stephane auge.

good luck!
Tough crowd, but really it's an awful lot of info for one thread. Maybe just start a new thread on top 10 current sprinters or something like that and go from there. I'm sure you'd get some takers then as I'd be in for something like that.